Simple fall counting game for hands- on math! My son loves all sorts of counting games, and they are so easy to adapt to the seasons as well. Using fun materials to practice counting, number recognition, and simple adding and subtracting makes learning math fun and easy. With the Fall season approaching, I set up a simple Fall themed counting game with a bit of sensory play and fine motor skills thrown in too! We have tons of fall learning ideas and sensory play.


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This simple counting game incorporates fine motor skills, math, literacy and play! I love to make simple activities that cover multiple learning concepts in one! This type of activity is perfect for my very active preschooler who doesn’t like to sit still! He loves to count and enjoys the hands on play that is a part of this activity. We have lots of Fall learning ideas!

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Notes: Assemble this super simple sensory bin by combining leaves and filler (add anything else you like for play as well, scoops, containers etc!) Place on table with grid game sheet (use a plastic sheet protector to keep it clean or laminate!) Add the die and tweezers along with a Fall leaves book!

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Fall Counting Game Set Up


This is an easy and fun 1-2 player game (you can play with your child) or print out a grid for each child. Roll the die and fill in the leaves! The fine motor part is all about working the hands with the tweezers to search for and pick out the leaves. I called out a specific color leaf for him to find which added to the challenge!

We often count how many more we have to go and how many we have already done as part of the game. This is great for independent work too! Read the book and play with the sensory bin as part of the activity!

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Fall Counting Game Play


 Fall sensory play is also a hit. Our little Fall sensory bin is simple just leaves and our dyed pasta! Adding a pair of kid friendly tongs or tweezers adds a nice fine motor challenge to the Fall counting game. Younger kids can still benefit by using a thumb and first finger grasp or pincer grasp to pick up leaves! Sensory play can make fine motor skills practice more like play time!

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In addition to the Fall counting game, you can sort leaf colors and make patterns!

Fall Counting Game Leaves Sensory Bin

Take a walk and look for all the fall colors too. Fall is awesome time of year for learning!

Simple Preschool Fall Counting Game!


50 Fall Sensory Play Activities for Kids


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Invitation to Pour & Scoop: Fine Motor Halloween Soup from School Time Snippets

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