Fall Themed Cutting Skills Tray

cutting skills fall

Fine Motor Skills Play and Learning

Easy and fun way to practice cutting skills! I love the novelty this activity lends to practicing a basic skill. There are so many items you can switch in and out to keep it fun and fresh. Themes for the different seasons, holidays and interests make it really appealing for all kids even the ones who aren’t very excited to work on this skill. I should know because I have one of those kids! This tray is just right for us! If you missed our everyday cutting skills tray (click here)

Here is what is included this time!

1. Corn stalk straw from our scarecrow!

2. Dollar store leaves (the real ones didn’t hold up so well)

3. Card stock apples and leaves with dotted lines

4. Paper shreds in fall colors

5. Egg carton pieces

6. Fall themed cutting practice pictures from the Enchanted Schoolroom (click here)

6. Play dough with a rolling-pin, cookie cutter and monster truck!

I love the colors and textures of fall. A little bit more earthy and natural so I tried to find materials that reflected that as well. I always like to add play dough too. This time I included the play dough accessories to try to increase the free play associated with the tray and see what ideas he could come up with on his own. Wait till you see! Also thought to include the monster truck because of our recent trip to a county fair ย and the monster truck show we watched! So fun and exciting!

cutting skills fall play dough

Go figure, he picked up the truck and play dough first! I let him do some free play with it and then I encouraged him to cut up his creations. He thought it looked like cheese so he thought of making shredded cheese.

cutting skills fall straw

Next he explored cutting through the straw pieces. The pieces popped around the table which made him very happy. There is a lot of reminding to hold the scissors thumbs up. He is still exploring his left and right hand use, so that is a little tricky.

cutting skills fall paper linesI added some card stock apples and leaves to the tray. I gave him some direction with the dotted lines to follow (you can easily make this harder for a more advanced child too)!

cutting skills fall tray working hard

Last, he chose the shredded paper all the while chatting about making a fall pizza!

cutting skills fall tray pizzaI am so happy he found an interesting way to make his cutting skills tray even more fun by really enjoying the play dough and creating his own project with it. Yes, we pretended to eat his pizza and enjoy it too!

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  1. I love the whole cutting tray idea, and it’s great to switch the things in it around, for variety. The ‘fall pizza’ was a pretty creative idea – I love when they take projects and go their own way with it!

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