Feet Sensory Play

Foot Play in Sensory Bins

feet sensory play activity


A Unique Sensory Experience!

Sensory play is not just for the hands and hands-on play can be done with the feet. We do tons of sensory bins of all types here but mostly with our hands. I first started incorporating sensory bins into my son’s play time because we were having trouble connecting and interacting otherwise. Later he was diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome, Sensory Processing Disorder, and ADHD. Now I have to say that he has a problem with mess on his hands, but his feet seem to be a different story. I was hoping we could work on the hands a little while we were at it!


We use our sensory play time for enjoyment and learning. ALL kids will benefit from sensory play and sensory bins! They are wonderful for exploring, discovering and interacting with others. Now for the feet! This is a must try activity. Our play time was almost 2 hours! I would love to thank The Inspired Treehouse for the inspiration to try this in our home!

Feet Sensory Play Set Up

This is going to get a bit messy! If you go into this activity understanding this and embrace the mess, you will have a great time. To control as much as the mess as possible, I spread out bath towels. I wanted to use more than sand for our feet sensory play. I had a container of water beads, a tub with shaving cream, a tub with water and of course a bin filled with wet sand! I was super excited about how he would approach our feet sensory play activity.

feet sensory play set up

Feet sensory Play Getting Messy

I encouraged him to try each bin thoroughly. I let him explore it how he wanted and for as long as he wanted. he only thing that I asked was that he clean off a bit before trying the next one.

His favorite sensory bin was the wet sand. He loved jumping around in it and asked for more water to put in it. Hands down (feet down?) spent the most time in this one!

foot sensory play with sand

HIs next choice was the water beads sensory bin. This he didn’t enjoy as much but spent more time in it when I gave him a chair to sit in. We talked about how each bin felt on his feet. He spent the least time in this one, but he tried it!

feet sensory play water beads

Next he hopped into the shaving cream bin and talked about how squishy it felt. He really enjoyed sitting in the little chair so he could really mush it around with his toes. He went back to this bin several times too!

feet sensory play shaving cream

He also jumped in and out of the water too! He needed a scoop to wash the stuff off his legs since he didn’t want to touch the mess. He definitely did not like any of the sensory materials on his hands!


After his feet had explored each bin, I told him to do what he wanted with them. Mix them up. Play however he wanted with each without having to worry about spreading the different materials around. I imagined him mixing more, but he really preferred to keep each one separate.

feet sensory play mixing up sensory materials

Another great little activity we tried with out feet sensory bin was digging with toes! Awesome skills & coordination!

feet sensory play digging with toes

The great feet sensory activity completed!

feet sensory play finished activity

Hours of fun feet sensory play! It’s a must try and an activity I am sure we will repeat soon!

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  1. My daughter loves squishing her feet around in shaving cream too! I never thought to bring sand in and try that too. Even though he didn’t like the water beads so much (I don’t think I would either) the fact that he tried it at all is great!

  2. My kids love playing with their feet, but it is such a tempting sensory experience for adults, too!:) Love these suggestions! Thank you, again, for sharing via our FB page today! APPRECIATED!

  3. It was pretty neat experience for all of us. Worth trying on a yucky day to fill a good chunk of time!

  4. Yes it was great he was willing to explore a bit! I thought they felt neat and I am glad he handled the mess better on his feet than on his hands!

  5. Now this is a wonderful idea! Sensory play with other parts of the body Ingenious! Thanks for linking up at Artsy Play Wednesday. Pinned.

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