Fun fall painting with tongs! We don’t get out the paints often here, but I wish we did! I thought it might be fun to paint with “apples” and tongs for our fine motor play this week. I don’t usually use food for projects that I immediately have to throw away, so I didn’t want to use real apples. Take a look at our construction paper apples for brushes! The tree took on a beautiful fall hue whether you call it an apple painting or leaf painting activity!


Fall painting activity create fall tree with kitchen tongs


  • construction paper
  • acrylic paint
  • tongs (dollar store find)
  • large sheet of paper
  • brown marker to draw a tree


I used a divider tray to pour out some paint in red, green, and yellow colors. Liam helped me smoosh the paper into balls. I thought of favorite apple colors!

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fall painting activity for kids set up with tongs


Tongs are a great way to practice fine motor skills and add a fun and unique dimension to a simple painting activity, but first, we practiced pre-writing skills by drawing our tree. This was great practice for working on horizontal, vertical, and diagonal lines without even trying!

This fall-themed activity is also a great process art for young kids!

fall painting activity for kids drawing tree and painting with tongs


Of course if the hands get involved too, that’s ok! He also enjoyed grasping the paper and swirling the colors. We mixed in a bit of color theory with the paint available. He tested out a few combinations of colors to see what would happen when they mixed. Mixing colors is both great science and art.

fall painting activity for kids using hands and crumpled paper

The end result, a beautiful fall painting and a fall activity for kids filled with simple fine motor play!

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  1. What a cool way to paint and such pretty results! I think this would be great to do with both my kids, it’d be interesting to see their results since they’re so different. And fmf is my favorite too! 😀

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