Fine Motor Skills Activities

Best of 2013

fine motor skills best of 2013

We do may activities focussing on fine motor skills but we use a variety of themes, ideas and play to accomplish our task! Here is a collection of our favorite activities from 2013. As you can see we use everything from sensory bins to golf tees to learn and play! Fine motor skills are all around us and a part of everything we do. Often we take for granted the very simple tasks our children do like put a straw in a juice box or put a little figure inside a toy car. Look around and you will see plenty of ways you can encourage fine motor work in 2014! Good luck this New Year!

Fine Motor Skills Activity #1: Marble Fine Motor Play

We used golf tees to balance marbles upon, a salad dressing bottle for spooning marbles, and a cookie sheet for painting with marbles!

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Fine Motor Skills Activity #2: Homemade Geo Board

We used a small piece of wood, tiny nails and rubber bands to create a quick and simple no frills geo board to explore. Create shapes, patterns, letters and much more. Simply working the rubber bands around the nails is awesome fine motor play!

gro board homemade with hands cover text

Fine Motor Skills Activity #3: Search & Find Rice Sensory Bin

I filled a long baking dish with rice and hid little trinkets and letter beads inside it. I also gave him an alphabet sheet so as he found the letters he could match them. Additionally I provided him with an ice-cube tray to hold the trinkets! Tongs and tweezers are great for encouraging fine motor skills!

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Fine Motor Skills Activity #4: Scissor Cutting Skills Tray

I filled a party serving tray platter with odds and ends for him to practice cutting with his scissors! Play dough is fun to add too!

cutting skills tray

Fine Motor Skills Activity #5: Cranberry Sensory Bin

Cranberries were very fun to play with and try out our fine motor skills on too. I gave him a variety of tools to work with as well as some of our homemade play dough!

cranberry fine motor skills

Fine Motor Skills Activity #6: Lacing Skills Tray

Another party platter tray with lots of different items from around the house to lace, make patterns and explore!

lacing invitation

Fine Motor Skills Activity #7: Googly Eye & Play Dough Fine Motor Play

I pushed some of our homemade green play dough into a dollar store baking pan and then pressed large googly eyes into it. I paired this with tweezers and a small ginger ale bottle!

monster eyes cover

Fine Motor Skills Activity #8: Mini Fine Motor Skills Activity Tray

I used our favorite party platter again to make a bunch of mini fine motor skills activities. Each compartment of the tray had a different activity to practice skills. All items were easily found around our house too!

mini activity fine motor skills tray

Fine Motor Skills Activity #9: Fine Motor DIY Colors Game

A long day called for a DIY game. Easy to make and fun to play!

color game fine gross motor play

Fine Motor Skills Activity #10: Card Making Fine Motor Skills Tray

Birthday card or any card making activity with a twist to practice fine motor skills too. See the great card we made for Daddy!

Homemade Birthday Card Making Fine Motor Skills

Fine Motor Skills Activity #11: Pinching Pennies Sensory Fine Motor Play

One day I tossed two rolls of pennies into a huge sensory bin filled with rice. I stuck a piggy bank (shaped like a teddy bear) in the middle. He had to find them all, insert them, and then count them with me! Easy and fun!

pinching pennies

Fine Motor Skills Activity #12: Recycled Cards Puzzle Making Tray

Use any old cards whether it is holiday or birthday themed or even postcards to let your kids create new puzzles. Let them cut the pieces or help them with it depending on skill level!

christmas fine motor skills card set up

Fine Motor Skills Activity #13: Pre Writing Skills with Sensory Mazes

We used corn meal and chopsticks to practice our pencil grasp and draw lines. We turned it into mazes with rocks and animals to practice curvy lines!

pre writing

13 Awesome Fine Motor Activities for 2013

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