This awesome fizzing slime recipe truly is that simple. I like it simple, and I like to keep it real, meaning you follow the recipe and it will work!  Three ingredients and that’s it! Easy fizzing slime to amaze everyone, even the adults! Of course, we still love our regular slimes too! Simple science experiments and STEM activities at home or in the classroom can be a lot of fun!

LEGO Fun with Fizzing Slime

Fizzing Slime Bubbling Slime Lego Slime Sensory Play

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What Is Fizzing Slime?

This fizzing slime is a bit different than the traditional slimes in that you wouldn’t pick it up like the others we have made. The excitement is in the chemical reaction between the baking soda and the vinegar! However, it’s not your typical baking soda and vinegar reaction because this bubbling slime is thick but runny and produce a continual slow fizzing or bubbling action. We do love our baking soda science activities all year long.

Materials Used (see affiliate links at end of post):

  • Xanthum Gum (specialty grocery)
  • White Vinegar
  • Baking Soda
  • Food Coloring
  • Bowl, Whisk, Spoon, Baking Dish 8×8 or similar container
  • LEGO {optoional}

Notes to make easy slime: I followed this recipe exactly and let the slime sit in the fridge overnight. Note it was still a little lumpy but that’s fine. I put a thick layer of baking soda on the bottom of our container. 

Fizzing Slime Bubbling Slime Set Up

Bubbling Slime Fall Sensory Play

He scooped the slime on using a 1/4 cup scoop. Put the first load of slime onto the baking soda and watch what happens. It’s not a huge immediate eruption but observe what happens that you can both see and hear. Now if you give it a stir, you can really get the fizzing slime to react, bubble and fizz!

Fizzing Slime Bubbling Slime

Our fizzing slime just happened to be on the kitchen table. Of course, who doesn’t also have LEGO on the kitchen table. Somehow the bubbling slime and pieces from our new Lego mining set merged. It was pretty cool to make our fizzing slime into a LEGO adventure complete with a bridge building rescue and gold search.


Fizzing Slime Bubbling Slime Sensory Play Lego Small World

Our bubbling slime made foro a great science and lego engineering activity for our afternoon play. LEGO wash up easily too! Observe, explore and discover! Check out the gooey mixture and the oozing awesomeness of this fizzing slime and then enjoy some awesome LEGO imaginary play and creative engineering!


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