Earth Day Science Baking Soda Science Fizzy Earth Activity

Fizzy Baking Soda Earth Day Science

This Spring, as a family, we have begun to talk more about our planet Earth through our activities. These have included Recycling, keeping our oceans clean experiment and Planet Earth Sensory Bin  By keeping Earth Day science simple, I hope to spur his interest to learn more about our Earth. Even small children can be a part of it all.

 I am enjoying showing Liam the beauty of Earth and how we must protect it!

Ask questions, spark curiosity, and create passion for learning.

Fizzy Baking Soda Earth Day  Science Set Up

You know we love baking soda science experiments and he was so excited to get started on this one! I set up the baking soda a bit differently this time. I mixed baking soda with water, maybe a 3/1 ration of baking soda to water. This makes a thick but not runny packable material. Just add more baking soda if it is runny. Then I packed it into our pie dish. I found some of our TOOB animals, sea creatures, and trees. I also added shells and rocks to a basket. I also set up blue and green vinegar with various scoops and eye droppers. His job was to set up his Earth any way he liked!

Earth Day Baking Soda Science Set Up

Fizzy Baking Soda Earth Day Science Experimenting

He has yet to tire of the fizzing action that results when baking soda and vinegar combine together! I actually still love it too but mostly because I know he does! He loves using our eyedroppers and that’s fine with me because they work his fine motor skills!

Earth Day Baking Soda Activity Play

Fizzy Baking Soda Earth Day Science Observations

While playing with this earth day science activity,  he talked about all the animals and natural objects and where each one might be found. I was happy to hear that some of the things could be in both places or need both places. He even commented on snow and ice which the packed baking soda looked like. He also wanted to make sure the whale was freed from the land so he could swim safely. Earth Day Baking Soda Science Play

 Although we have done this many times, it still is fun. I have not gone into great dealing discussing the chemical reaction that is taking place but he does know that when the baking soda and vinegar meet they make a gas that bubbles and fizzes. I am hoping one day we will do more revolving around the true science of the experiment, but until then we will have enjoy the fizzy bubbles from our Earth Day science play.Earth Day Baking Soda Science Final Experiment

Simple Earth Day Science Experiment for Early Learning

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