Frozen watermelon is the perfect ingredient to make the best flavored water ever! All natural, healthy, and easy fruit water with frozen watermelon cubes or balls. We love watermelon and we love it even more when it’s frozen. A hot summer day calls for a simple frozen watermelon fruit drink to keep everyone hydrated. Also try our frozen watermelon pops for a healthy snack!

Frozen watermelon flavored water for kids and adults!

Frozen Watermelon Ice Cubes Natural Fruit Water Healthy Kids Drinks


Hot days and lots of outdoor play call for thirsty kids and adults. You want to make sure everyone is drinking enough to stay hydrated and cool. Sometimes plain water gets a little boring but you also don’t want all the sugar and artificial ingredients in many juices. How about frozen watermelon cubes or balls to freshen up your water and turn it into flavored fruit water!


Frozen Watermelon Cubes Healthy Fruit flavored Water

Making these frozen watermelon balls couldn’t be simpler. While I was making our yummy watermelon pops, I prepared these watermelon balls. I used a melon baller and spread out the balls on a plate. Since I made these at night, I let them freeze overnight along with our pops. In the morning, I filled a glass with water and added a few frozen watermelon balls.

Frozen Watermelon for Healthy Summer Drink

As the frozen balls melted, the water was light flavored with watermelon! Yum! That water went down quickly! Enjoy the watermelon balls for a snack!  Fully hydrated, he was off for more outdoor summer fun in the sunshine!

Frozen Summer Watermelon Ice Cubes Natural Fruit Water Keep Kids Hydrated

Refreshing frozen watermelon flavored water is a healthy alternative to plain water and juices!

Frozen Watermelon Flavored Water


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