Do you have frogs in your backyard? Learn and play with all things frog related for a fun spring activity for young kids. Set up a simple frog sensory bin at home or in the classroom.

Exploring Frogs Through Frog Pond Sensory Play

Frog Theme For Spring

Our frog pond theme this week presented itself with a few different opportunities to use a variety of sensory bins and sensory play to introduce all things froggy! We even went outside to soak up some fresh air and engage with nature too! Like our Nature Sensory Bin, frog sensory play is everywhere, even on a nature walk!

I have tried a number of different sensory bins with my son. As he loved this frog theme I decided to set up two frog pond sensory bins. I used water beads, aquarium rocks and just plain water as sensory bin fillers for exploring frogs! Make sure to check out all our favorite sensory bin fillers!

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Frogs In Nature

Make sure to get outdoors and take a nature walk for more frog sensory play! Look, listen, smell and touch what’s all around you. We explored ponds, streams, real lily pads, and of course delighted in seeing real frogs in their habitats, frog ponds.

A frog pond sensory play theme week wouldn’t be complete without a great trip to one. A beautiful park not far from our house has wonderful gardens, ducks, ponds, mini waterfalls, bridges and more. It is perfect for little legs as there are so many things to see and explore without a huge amount of walking.

Throwing rocks into the stream was the highlight. I overheard my son telling his friend about making a dam. I was so proud he remembered and obviously understood what we had showed him a couple of weeks ago!

Frogs Sensory Play Pond Walk

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Nature STEM Cards

Frog Pond Sensory Bins

Here are some close up pictures of the two frog pond sensory bins you can make below.

Water Beads Frog Pond Sensory Bin

The first one is filled with the water beads that had yet shrink back to size from our boat play. They had gotten smaller but not by much so I filled them back up again. I also cut some lily pads from foam paper, added plastic letter tiles for F R O G, and lastly added a great set of plastic frogs! I supplied him with a container and a net for catching his frogs!


 Aquarium Rocks Frog Sensory Bin

I had a bag of blue and green mixed aquarium rock already put aside for a frog pond. I had this great little birch log and a different set of frogs from the party store.

My son really enjoys the rhyme about 5 speckled frogs sitting on a log so I thought I would use this sensory bin to go along with it and I wrote it out on a paper lily pad.

This frog pond sensory bin also had the dragonflies for the frogs to eat as well as wooden fish, ducks and a mix of beads, pom poms, and tiny rock!

This frog pond sensory bin was great for filling, sorting and dumping activities.


Frog Pond Sensory Table

Discovery tables are fun to set up and have many activities for young kids to enjoy. Great for encouraging a bit of independent play and having different things to explore keeps their attention longer!

Our table included the two frog pond sensory bins.

Add toy frogs, scoops, mini net, frog books like A Frog In The Bog, a bug box and a magnifying glass for looking around at the frogs!

You can also include simple activities for patterning and fine motor skills. I made my own pattern cards with a dot marker. An egg carton helps keep it organized!

I also gathered some small items, like tweezers and a ice cube tray to use for sorting.

froggy sensory play set up

Use your frog sensory bin to count the number of frogs and identify the letters.


Outdoor Frog Pond Sensory Bin

I also made him an outdoor frog pond complete with water, rocks, lily pads (a foam sheet cut into lily pads), fish, frogs, a diver and a fishing pole.


Water play with a frog pond sensory bin is a lot of fun!


Play and Learning With A Frog Sensory Bin

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  1. Thank you! There are so many good ideas out there I wish we could have done so many more but I am not sure how long his attention would hold on frogs. Think I see a fire truck theme this week!

  2. Thanks! The foam sheets are great for lily pads! I was so excited we got to see my in laws big frog last night. It finished off the week nicely since the pond we visited seemed to be frog free but at least had real lily pads. go figure!

  3. I love all these pond ideas…I need to make some bins like that for my kids–they would love them!! And the trip to the pond looks like so much fun! Thanks for sharing it at Teach Me Tuesday at Preschool Powol Packets!!

  4. I made a pond bin just like your second one with the aquarium rock!! But it has been played with and dismantled since. I have to get a water table! Looks like so much fun.
    Love your whole theme!

  5. Yes a water table is a good summer thing to have but we have done wonders with a rubbermaid container outside too! My guy likes when things are at waist height. He plays better!

  6. Bins are so much fun. Thanks for taking a look! Pond trips are always a big hit!

  7. Wow! What a great theme! I love all the frog work! If you have a moment, stop by my blog. We do Montessori theme work too and I may have some things you would like to see! Oh and I think field trips are the perfect way to making learning better! We just finished a botany study here and ended it with a trip to the botanical gardens! Perfect! Happy Schooling!

  8. Going to head over and read more about what you do. Thanks so much for checking out our frog pond activities this week! We are planning a farm trip at the end of the week and I have put out a farm theme to explore. Stay tuned!

  9. I absolutely love that second sensory bin. What a great idea to use aquarium rocks! I am the worst at coming up with ideas for sensory bins, so I am really grateful to the internet and people like you who have great ideas. Good luck with your goals for the summer. It sounds like you’re an amazing mom. 🙂

  10. Thank you so much and I bet you are too from the looks of it! I have two more posts out about top 10 sensory bin fillers and top 10 sensory bin goodies. Lots of good ideas in one place. Stop by anytime!

  11. Adorable froggy ideas! I love the table set up; I really should start setting things up like that for my little guy to explore. Guess I need to work on being more organized!

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