Ice melting is so much for kids and these frozen dinosaur eggs are perfect for your dinosaur fan and easy preschool activities! Super easy to make, kids will be hatching their favorite dinosaurs in no time. Ice melting activities make awesome simple science activities as well as cool sensory play activities. Frozen icy dinosaur eggs are sure to be a big hit any time of the year. Make sure to check out more simple science activities for preschoolers!


Every kiddo goes through a dinosaur age at some point between toddler and preschool and even beyond! Our dinosaur activities are perfect for the preschool crowd.  This frozen icy dinosaur egg activity is easy to make and lots of fun to excavate.

This type of frozen sensory play also makes a great scientific discovery and learning activity for young kids. Check out more of our simple preschool activities. This dino theme activity is super simple to set up and just needs some time to freeze, so plan ahead!

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Do you need water balloons? No! You don’t want to use actual water balloons because you will never fit the dinos inside them! Regular balloons will still fill nicely at the sink! Leftover balloons make fun sensory/texture eggs too.

  • Balloons 
  • Mini Dinosaurs 
  • Bin For Melting & Warm Water
  • Eye Droppers, meat basters, or squeeze bottles

ALTERNATIVE FREEZING IDEA: If you don’t want to use balloons, freeze the dinosaurs in mini containers or ice cube trays like this flower ice melt.You can get creative and color the water an amber color!

dino egg supplies


STEP 1: Blow up a balloon and hold it for 30 seconds or so to stretch it out.

blow up balloon first

STEP 2: Stretch open top of the balloon and stuff a dinosaur into the balloon. You may need help but I wrangled it in on my own.

stuff dinosaur into balloon

STEP 3: Fill the balloon with water and tie it up.

tie up balloon and place into freezer

STEP 4: Stick the balloons in the freezer and wait.

STEP 5: When the balloons are completely frozen, cut off the knot, and peel off the balloon.

Place your icy dino eggs in a bowl or on a tray and set out a bowl of warm water for melting fun!

Frozen Dinosaur Eggs Excavation

Looking to increase fine motor skills without using a pencil? Encourage finger and hand strength, coordination, and skill with fun tools! Eye droppers are great for fine motor play and sensory play. Little fingers get quite a bit of work manipulating any of the tools for melting these eggs.

What else can you use to melt the eggs? How about meat basters, squeeze bottles, squirt bottles, or even ladles!


ice dino eggs in bowl

He was so excited to see the dinosaurs peeking out in some of the frozen icy dinosaur eggs.

melting dino eggs


This isn’t just a fun preschool dino activity, you also have a simple science experiment on hand! Melting ice is the science that kids love to get their hands on. Talk about solids and liquids. What are the differences?

Water is so interesting to kids because it can be all three states of matter: liquid, solid, and gas! You can use this simple states of matter science experiment to show this further.

Does cold water melt the dino eggs any different than warm water?  Get the kids really involved by asking simple questions to get them thinking and experimenting. Your frozen dinosaur eggs are such a simple way to show how ice melts with warm water!

Turkey basters and powdered drink mix scoops are also fun for different ways to melt the ice.


Icy Frozen Dinosaur Eggs Sensory Science Experiment

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  1. Where can I get tiny dinosaurs? The only ones I’ve found wouldn’t fit through the neck of a balloon.

  2. I used the TOOB brand ones. Also check the size of the balloon. You may need an additional set of hands to really stretch the opening.

  3. This dinosaur egg activity was SUCH a hit!! My son absolutely loved it and he couldn’t wait to melt the eggs. We live in Arizona so I think the heat helped us out a bit 🙂

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