Super simple to make and awesome for kids to play and learn! Make melting castles baking soda science for your Frozen loving fan! Inspired by the movie, our melting castles is terrific homemade science and sensory play.

Melting Castles Baking Soda Science Activity

Melting Castles Frozen Baking Soda Science

Foaming, Fizzing, Melting Icy Castles Play

This melting castles baking soda science activity is loads of sensory fun and learning! It’s loosely based on our favorite movie, Frozen! He looked at it and said we were melting Elsa’s castle. We love all sorts of baking soda science activities and enjoy them all year long. It’s one of our all-time classic science experiments.  A few simple kitchen cupboard ingredients and you have great science sensory play! 

Melting Castles Baking Soda Science Play 

Last year, we tried a fun baking soda science snowflake search activity and had lots of fun! We are starting early with snowman this year since my son eagerly awaits the first real snow! Make sure to see our melting snowman baking soda science, too!

Supplies Needed:

  • sand castle molds
  • baking soda
  • vinegar
  • water
  • glitter 
  • food coloring 
  • baster or eye dropper

To Make Melting Castles: Add water to a good load of baking soda until you get a crumbly but pack-able dough. It shouldn’t be runny or soupy. Mix in a load of glitter to make it sparkly! Pack the mixture into sand castle molds and pop it in the freezer until solid. I do recommend using small molds unless you want multiple children working together. I used one box of baking soda to fill our larger castle mold. You will want to run lukewarm water around the outside of the container to help release the castle!

Melting Castles Science Activity Sensory Play Set Up

Melting Castle Baking Soda Science Sensory Play

Winter, science, sensory, and fine motor play all in one easy activity using some basic kitchen cupboard ingredients! Use a turkey baster or an eye dropper or an even a small scoop or squeeze bottle. Really, whatever you have in the kitchen will work. Observe the awesome chemical reaction between baking soda and vinegar! Hint: I mix a little warm water into the vinegar to help the melting process!

Melting Castles Science Sensory Play with baster colored vinegar

He loved that they looked like castles, melting castles! He also loved to feel the coolness and the fizziness!

melting castles science sensory play baking soda vinegar activity

You could add almost anything to the melting castles or hide surprises in the middle like inexpensive gems!

Simple, icy, melting castles with a science twist! Plus glitter!

Melting Castles Science Activity Frozen Inspired Play

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  1. This is so fun. I pinned it and we have castles in the freezer right now. We can’t wait to melt them when they come out. Thank you for the tutorial!

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