Frozen Themed Science and Technology Ideas 

Frozen Themed Science Technology Ideas for Kids Preschool


Frozen Inspired Tech and Science for Preschool

Frozen Inspired STEM with Frozen themed science and technology learning for preschool! My Son is in love with Frozen and all things with a science or STEM theme! We just had some great fun with a Christmas STEM tree coding activity where we lit up a tree at the White House this week. He was very much into coding the lights on his tree. I wanted to take it a step farther and show him what else you can do with technology! I found a few awesome Frozen themed youtube videos with some very fun light displays set to music {all kid friendly}! I also have a few awesome Frozen themed science ideas to try too!

Youtube Frozen Lights Display Videos and Science Experiments

Activity: Beautiful, Easy, Homemade, Frozen Inspired Slime

Frozen Christmas Lights (Let It Go) 2014

YouTube video

Activity: Frozen Inspired Foaming Treasure | Fun-A-Day

Frozen Medley Christmas Light Show by Dennington Decor

YouTube video

Activity: Melting Elsa’s Hands | Happy Hooligans

Best “Let It Go” (Frozen) Christmas Lights Show 2014

YouTube video

Activity: Frozen Melting Snowman Science Activity

Frozen Christmas Lights (Do you Want to Build a Snowman) 2014
YouTube video

I hope you enjoyed these four Frozen inspired light displays set to some of our favorite movie songs! Now, go ahead and try some of these awesome Frozen themed science experiments to extend the play and learning with hands-on Frozen themed science activities! Combining science and technology even with young children is a great way to encourage exploration and experimentation at an early age!

Making Science and Technology Fun for Kids with Frozen Themed Science Play!


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