Let’s make ghostly bubbles for an awesome Halloween bubbles science experiment! There are so many awesome ways to take a classic science experiment and give it a fun twist for the holiday or season. Halloween Bubbles are perfect simple science and sensory play. Make sure to check out all our best Halloween Science Experiments.

Bubble Play For Halloween

Kids love blowing bubbles, and it’s not just for summertime either. Bubble science is perfect for a rainy day indoors and even a cold day too. Making Halloween bubble ghosts is a simple and fun way to explore bubble science for Halloween!

Here are a few of our favorite bubble activities…

How Do You Make Bubbles?

Bubbles are made up of a thin wall of soapy film that fills with air. You can liken a bubble to a balloon in that a balloon has a thin skin of rubber filled with air.

However, when two bubbles of similar size meet, they merge together creating the least possible surface area. Balloons of course do not do this. When bubbles of different sizes meet, one will become a bulge onto the larger bubble.

You may start to notice that when you get a ton of bubbles going that they start to form hexagons. Bubbles will form 120 degree angles where they meet. If you would like to go deeper into the science of bubbles, read here.


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Halloween Bubbles Activity

See here how to make bubble solution with glycerin as an alternative to corn syrup!


  • Light Corn Syrup
  • Water
  • Dish soap
  • Container  and stirrer for mixing solution
  • Tablespoon measure and cup measure
  • Paper cups
  • Sharpies
  • Straws
  • OPTIONAL: eyedropper, apple slicer, and baster for blowing bubbles (see them in action here)
  • Simple soft glove (try bouncing bubbles)
  • Towel (to wipe up accidents and keep surfaces clean)

Getting your Halloween bubble science experiment started…

MIX: 1 cup of water, 2 Tablespoons of corn syrup, and 4 Tablespoons of dish soap in the container and mix together.

MAKE IT AN EXPERIMENT: Turn this into a true science experiment by comparing different types of bubble solutions. Which solution blows the best bubbles?

Or you can try three separate containers but in one have just water, in another have just water and dish soap, and in the last have the actual bubble solution mixture that includes water, dish soap, and light corn syrup. What do you notice are the differences?

Halloween Bubble Science Experiment and Ghost Activity Supplies and Ingredients For Homemade Bubble SolutionPin

MAKING GHOST BUBBLES: Take your paper cups and draw fun ghost faces on them! Add in a little solution and a straw. Blow a big bubble ghost tower!

How big can you blow the bubbles? How tall can you make your bubble tower? Grab a ruler and measure! 

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Halloween bubble science experiment and ghost activity blowing a bubble tower with homemade bubble solution.Pin

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