Fizzing Eyeball Halloween Science

Halloween Baking Soda Science Fizzy Eyeballs

Hands-On Sensory Science Play

Why Preschool Science?

Preschoolers are curious creatures. Science experiments, even very simple experiments fuel their curiosity for the world. Learning how to observe, how to talk about what they see and how to predict what might happen are amazing tools for the future! Experiments increase practical life and fine motor skills not to mention math and literacy skills.

 Baking Soda Science Activities

We adore baking soda science activities! Around here we try different ones all year long. My son loves the fun novelty of each new idea, but repeating the same concept over and over has been a wonderful lesson that he understands a bit more each time. Watch the chemical reaction that occurs between the baking soda and lemon juice! Very fun. The science behind is it a bit more complicated than my preschooler can handle, but he understands that the two materials coming together causes a reaction and that reaction is the fizzing that he can see and even feel! He can even tell you it’s carbon dioxide. For more in-depth science information, (click here).

Simple halloween Science Fizzing Eyeball Activity

We learned and played in a creative way! Check out all the fun ways we played with this fizzing eyeball science activity! There are so many awesome photos, and we had so much fun! Click through to B-Inspired Mama to see our Halloween fizzing eyeball science activity, fine motor skills work, and so much more! So easy to step up too!

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