Halloween Sensory Bottle

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Halloween Sensory Bottle

My son loves to shake and stare at these sensory bottles! We even got into rolling them around. This is about the only time I don’t mind glitter too! He was so excited when he saw what I was putting together for our after school activity. Make a simple Halloween sensory bottle this Halloween!

Supplies Needed:

  •  A plastic bottle with a mouth big enough to fit what you want. How fitting we had an orange gatorade bottle in recycling (um I mean the floor of the car)!
  •  Fun themed objects! We used a couple of the eyeballs from our other activities, googley eyes, twisted pipe cleaners, green glitter, jack o lantern button decor (craft store), glow in the dark spiders, table scatter (pumpkins and bats at Target)
  • Funnel
  •  Container of water for filling. Liam likes to do this otherwise you could fill it at the sink!

halloween sensory bottle trio

Making A Halloween Sensory Bottle

This Halloween sensory bottle is very simple to put together quickly. Gather the ingredients and within minutes you will have a fun sensory bottle to play with and shake!

1. Put all the Halloween goodies in the bottle! Use tongs for fine motor skills if you like.

2. Fill with water and tighten cap (really well). I have never glued a cap and we have been alright. Liam wouldn’t actually try to open it either. It was pretty tight!

3. Shake and play!

halloween sensory bottle shaking

Shake it, mix it, and move it all around!

Awesome visual stimulation and can also be used as a calming tool. Take a time out, shake it and watch the contents settle. Sensory bottles are wonderful tools for kids who may experience anxiety as well. They are also just fun to make! Our Halloween sensory bottle has been a real hit around here!

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  1. Hey, cool, thanks for featuring my flowers post! This is a great resource for so many cool sensory ideas! I’ll add my pet shop play one from last week too. We did it to focus on fine motor skills but once again we had some sensory play as well!

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