Happy 1st Birthday

Little Bins for Little Hands!

Blog 1st Anniversary


Happy Blog Anniversary!

Thank you to all my wonderful readers and friends who have gotten us here!

An even bigger thank you to my sweet little boy.

What makes a good blog anniversary? You do! I started this blog a year ago on advise and help from a good friend, A Cookie Before Dinner. She thought what I did was cool, and I should share it. Basically I rolled my eyes but let her set up my first page anyway. I wrote my first post a bit half heartedly and figured it would die out in a month or two! I had a few shares, a few new likes, and a few features. I was hooked. Here we are now, thanks to you for reading, sharing, liking, subscribing and commenting on all the great hands on play and sensory activities we do here together! If you aren’t following us, why not?

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What will you see from us next year?

This blog anniversary is just a start! I am so excited to be moving into another year with Little Bins for Little Hands. We are always doing a little something fun and different based on my son’s interests. You may have noticed, he loves baking soda activities! Hope you try one too! I have been writing my blog to share easy ideas that work for us. I will always do what is best for us rather than what’s best for my numbers. In the end, this is all about my son’s needs! He loves science and sensory play, enjoys math and is willing to try my fine motor skills activities! What you see is what we like to do together! You will also be seeing more sensory processing awareness activities. He loves moving and we will be doing more movement activities! This is going to be a big year with big plans in the works. Stay tuned!

Why did I choose sensory play?

Having a son with several needs including Sensory Processing Disorder, made us have to work a little harder to find ways to work together and build a relationship. He needs his nervous system both calmed and stimulated, and I needed to figure out how to do that! Sensory bins started it all for us! I wrote a guest post for Twodaloo all about it! There is a lot to know about sensory processing, and I will be getting more into that this year too!

Sensory Play At Home: One Mom’s Approach

connecting through sensory play

My lovely blogging groups, who are they?

I wouldn’t have this blog anniversary without all of you!

The Kid Blogger Network  and all the wonderful blogs that belong to it and support one another have been instrumental to my growth and my continued enjoyment with blogging and sharing.

B-Inspired Mama accepted my application to be a contributor on her awesome blog and it has been an amazing experience that has provided so many new areas for growth and development with other great blogs! The partnership continues!

There are so many of you I wish I could thank individually so I will head over to Facebook and tag you! For my readers, please check my Facebook page and make sure you are following all my blogging friends too! I belong to three wonderful blog hops each week that I cherish and which make each week fun! My Fine Motor Fridays ladies have been such an inspiration and personal support as well as Saturday Science and the Hands-On Play Party which are growing and changing in big ways with new ladies coming on board! Look for great things to come this year!

Have you read our first posts? 

Rough around the edges but a great start.

How My Love Affair with Sensory Bins Began!

Discovering Sensory Play in the Everyday






Look at this cutie pie enjoying his sensory bin more than two years ago!






 A first year of sharing, playing, and sensory learning complete!

I hope you will take a look around and find something great to try.


  1. Happy birthday to Little Bins for Little Hands! I can’t believe you’ve only been writing on the blog for a year – you’re like a seasoned pro! 🙂 I started blogging with the same attitude, thinking it would die out in a month or so. But now I’m hooked on it too!

  2. Thank you Emma! It sure is fun and has been a great hobby. Seasoned pro I am not so sure. I wish I were more technically inclined then I am but I am learning. I am so happy we have gotten to do so many great things together!

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