Whoa LEGO! When kids hit a certain age, watch out for all those tiny little LEGO pieces! Ever since we made our simple LEGO Zip Line, we have been hooked! What you need is LEGO organization ideas that don’t cost a fortune. We have LEGO bricks, minifigures, and super tiny pieces spilling out everywhere. Have you ever stepped on one with bare feet, ouch! There are lots of LEGO organization ideas for every style of LEGO Master Builder out there. Whether you like one big pile or carefully sorted to the last tiny piece, we have you covered. All this without spending a ton of money.


How to store LEGO organization ideas and brick storage solution ideas for kids and families.

All builders need places to store their materials and tools, so doesn’t a LEGO Master Builder. Where do you head to find the best LEGO organization ideas? Not the toy store! Try the local hardware store. Take a stroll through the aisles with tool boxes and small compartment boxes for nails and screws. LEGO organization ideas like these can help control the clutter and help you find what you are looking for faster! Your local store may have slightly different variations, but I found six, affordable ways to tame your unruly pile of LEGO pieces! Plus you get a tiny peek at one of our LEGO play tables. Yes, I said one! We have three LEGO tables going on in here!

6 Affordable LEGO Organization Ideas from the Hardware Store

LEGO Organization Idea #1: The large plastic bucket. This is for the most daring LEGO Master Builder. All the LEGO pieces, all mixed up in one cheap plastic bucket that is tough and sturdy. Take your LEGO pieces with you and simply dump them out. I guarantee you will probably step on a few bricks with this LEGO organization idea. Add a smaller storage box to your bucket if you want to keep the tiniest pieces separate. This bucket comes in two sizes, big and bigger.

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Lego Organizations Idea Plastic Bucket Painters Bucket

LEGO Organization Idea #2: This small screw or drill bits case is the perfect size for minifigures on the go. Or if you simply want to have a portable build your own minifigure kit. My son loves to have little LEGO people pieces in this storage box. It would also be great for any small LEGO pieces organization plan. Less than $10!


Lego Organization Ideas Minifigure Storage Box Travel Minifigure

LEGO Organization Idea #3: The classic tool box is perfect for storing loose Lego bricks and other pieces. This tool box gives you a few different ways to store and manage pieces that the large plastic bucket does not. However, at the bottom you can still have your big load of random LEGO pieces for creative building. My son takes this to his grandparents house for overnight visits. You can easily find a simple tool box for around $10.

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Lego Organization Ideas Tool Box with Removable Tray and Small Compartments

LEGO Organization Idea #4: Now this is my favorite and the most expensive at about $30. It is a two tier storage box with removable bins. There are two sizes for sorting various pieces. It locks securely and has a great carry handle. We sort many specialty pieces into this type of storage box. I like to know where specialty pieces are when I need them! Especially since my son is still young enough that he needs help finding specific pieces. LEGO organization ideas like this one really helps!

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Lego Organization Ideas 2 Tier Storage Container

LEGO Organization Idea #5: Similar to the above LEGO organization idea but with one level and a briefcase type look. This LEGO storage solution has several different size removable bins. Also great for on the go, you can fill it with pieces to make cars and add your favorite minifigures too! As you start to collect more and more specialty pieces this is a good way to sort them out for under $15.


Lego Organization Ideas from Hardware Store Nail and Screw storage boxes

LEGO Organization Idea #6: On a whim I grabbed a package of these stackable bins. Pretty cheap under $5 and it’s a colorful way to sort our LEGO bricks by color. We keep it available on our LEGO table. They do come with a wall mounting kit. I like the rainbow look.


Lego Organization Ideas Stacking Bins Hardware Store Storage Solutions

Here’s a peek at our LEGO table play area. Yes, I have neatened it up to take a nice photo. Usually it is covered with Lego creations. I love the Ikea Trofast storage tables and bins. We sort large amounts of LEGO bricks into the green bins you see below. I am sure you have tons of specific Lego bricks or plates, so we use these bins for them. We have two units and you can push them together like this or you can have them side by side. We do not adhere our base plates to the table as we use these tables for other types of building activities too.

Lego Play Space Idea Lego Organization Lego Table

Take a walk through your local hardware store and check out items in a whole new way. Good luck and happy sorting!

Which LEGO organization ideas are right for your house? 

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