Making Christmas ornaments is a fun part of the holidays. My son isn’t the crafty type, so I have to get a bit creative! This year I chose a baby memory ornament. No glue, no popsicle sticks, no paint just a beautiful reminder of our family. What I didn’t realize was how wonderful an activity this memories ornament would be for us. Start a simple family tradition this holiday season and create a memory ornament. Baby Memory Ornament Homemade Kids Ornaments Christmas Activity


I was inspired by Thrifty Crafty Girl to see how we could make our own baby memory ornament!  This simple memory ornament is perfect for little hands to create while sharing family time together.

We made an ornament as a keepsake for those special baby memories.  But you could easily vary this to make a special memory ornament for any season or occasion. Create a memory ornament of the past year for a simple family holiday tradition!

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  • Refillable plastic ornament
  • Small memory items to fill ornament


I am pretty sure all of us have a baby box full of goodies perfect for a baby memory ornament! Has your child looked through his or her baby box? We had a really neat experience together going through his baby box the other morning. He had tons of questions and it was fun to share memories. Baby Memory Ornament from your Baby Box We didn’t have as many small memories as I thought I might find in the box. I kept our wristbands from our time in the hospital. You might include a pair of socks, hat, bib, or some other memorabilia. We ket our baby memory ornament quick and simple {what my son likes best}. Kid Made Baby Memory Ornament I had baby boy themed confetti from a card I opened at my baby shower that he put in his baby memory ornament. Then he stuffed the wristbands in to it. At this point he wanted to see a baby picture of himself wearing the bracelet since I told him he wore it around his ankle. Filling baby memory ornament I had tucked away some pretty ribbon in our memory box. We made a tie for our baby memory ornament out of one of them and added the other to the ball. Throw in a dash of glitter if you like for sparkle! Simple family Holiday Tradition Baby Memory Ornament

A perfect, easy kid made memories ornament to last a lifetime.


Make a baby memory ornament together this holiday season!

Click on the image below or on the link for awesome DIY Christmas Ornaments For Kids for kids.

DIY Christmas Ornaments for kids to make this holiday season.  Our favorite homemade decorations to hang on the tree.


  1. I love this idea! I also have a non-crafty child. I think he would enjoy finding things and adding them. Thank you for participating in the series.

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