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coffee scented play dough


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Easy no cook play dough is something we always have around the house. It’s a great, quick activity to make together with endless play possibilities after it is made! My favorite go-to recipe is from the Imagination Tree, best ever no cook play dough! I use it every time and it is always perfect. This time I mixed it up a bit from the our standard colored play dough. I have been thinking about how I can engage more of Liam’s senses and help him attend to activities for longer. The nose is powerful and I wanted to try a play dough recipe that he could really smell. He is always commenting on the smell of the coffee in the morning. I let the coffee grounds dry on a paper towel overnight and simple added them plus a little cinnamon to the recipe! Within minutes I had an awesome smelling coffee play dough! Take your olfactory senses for a ride with this fun smelling play dough.

coffee scented play dough set upPlay dough is an excellent hands-on play material for all kids. Liam loves the sensory input it gives through smooshing, rolling, pulling apart and pushing around. He s less of a designer, cookie cutter, sculptor and enjoys the gross motor play associated with deep sensory movements. Adding a fun scent like my coffee grounds really ignites the olfactory senses too. This scented play dough is great for tactile (touch) sensory play and olfactory (smell) sensory play as well.

coffee scented play dough play

There are so many awesome smells to check out in your own kitchen! Take this no cook play dough recipe for a spin!

Hands On Play is a priceless learning tool for your child!

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