Quick and easy Valentines playdough! Kids love hands-on play and best of all it is great fun for toddlers to preschoolers and beyond.  I set out my favorite tray with lots of different goodies for creating and exploring with our Valentines play dough. Playdough is one of our favorite sensory play recipes!


Valentines Play Dough Sensory Play Invitation

Simple Homemade Valentines Playdough

Cookie Making, Fine Motor Play, Pre-writing Practice and More…

We love to play and learn with homemade playdough activities all year round! One fine snowy day, I told my son I was going to make a new playdough activity for us.I asked him what color he wanted and he said pink! Perfect because I had just gathered some Valentine’s Day craft supplies.

I made our playdough Valentines activity using our favorite, no cook playdough recipe . So easy and quick. I will never cook it again!

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valentines play dough set up

Tray Supplies For Valentines Playdough

This playdough Valentines activity tray includes LEGO, heart cookie cutters, acrylic craft store hearts, buttons, glitter, heart shaped toothpicks, and XO tiles and stampers.

I also set out a cookie sheet and heart shaped candy mold (quickly discarded but your child might enjoy it).

He got started right away with the cookie making. He leaned over and said, I have a secret; these are Valentine’s Day cookies for Santa. I gave him free range with a small jar of glitter and we made a tray of cookies.

valentines play dough cookies pretend play

Fine motor skills work with heart shaped toothpicks was fun too!

valentines play dough toothpicks

Our Valentines play dough activity tray kept evolving! Afterwards he said he wanted to make a big pile on the cookie sheet, so we undid the cookies and piled all the play dough on the tray. His goal was to push it out flat. What great work and sensory input for little hands. I helped him a bit but he rolled, then pushed and smooshed it all around and then got to work with his tools.

valentines play dough smooth ing play dough  and tools invitation

Playdough “Maze”

We enjoyed one more fun twist to our Valentines playdough activity tray! We turned over the flat sheet of play dough to a smooth side. We pressed hearts into the surface and took chopsticks to make our way around the “maze”. He spent quite a while using the chopsticks and making all kinds of lines and marks.

Easy Playdough Valentines Invitation to Create!

Click on the image below or on the link for more Valentine activities.

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  1. I love that he wanted to make the cookies for Santa! Adding glitter to playdough is a cool idea…maybe the play dough would make the glitter easier to contain!

  2. Hi,
    Have you ever made Dinosaur Eggs with a suprise inside?
    I really can not remember the true recipe.
    (Used coffee grounds, flour, water, & ?) either baking soda or baking powder.
    I found it on Kids Coconotions.com
    Mix the coffee grounds, water, flour together. Feels like bisquick dough. Roll into an egg shape.
    Poke your thumbs into the center and fill with a dinosaur, necklace, coins, rings, etc.
    Bake on a baking sheet at 200 for an hour. Take out and cool.
    When it is done, it looks grey color dinosaur egg. I buried mine in our sandbox. Just remember how many and where the location is.
    Really fun to do.

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