New Year Activities for New Year’s Eve Fun

New Year Activities for New Years Eve with kids

Simple ways to explain New Year’s Eve to young children!

We decided this year that Liam would have regular bedtime, we would stay home, and we would have a mini celebration as a family. The question was, how to explain New Year’s Eve to a young child? We have all sorts of ways to celebrate it with homemade New Years party slime, fizzy baking soda New Years science party play, and homemade New Years confetti ornaments. However, a great way for showing how people celebrate and how exciting New Year’s Eve can be, is to checkout Youtube! I pulled up a few clips from last year to show him the celebration that happens when the clock strikes midnight!

new years activity you tube and noise makers

Simple DIY Ball Drop Activity!

Make your own ball drop! I found an inexpensive paper party ball at the party store and fixed it up with some paper punch out numbers from the dollar store. We tied it up and had our own count down to New Years at 6pm! We actually had several countdowns which was quite a bit of fun to hear!

new year ball drop activity


Party Celebration Tray Activity!

new year celebration tray

The You Tube clip gave him a great idea about noise makers, confetti and fire works as a fun representation of New Year’s eve celebrations. Sometimes media can be a great tool for how to explain New Years festivities. He wasn’t so sure about the party tray before we saw the video, but after he was very excited! Please note he was supervised at all times with the poppers with a parent standing with him to help. All other confetti items were 4+. This was so much fun for a good hour of celebrating and mess making! He loved gathering up the confetti and making it fly again! He used all the extra supplies too and oh boy the amount of celebrating we did was fabulous.

new years confetti activity play


More Fun Ways To Celebrate on New Year’s Eve

Click on photos for complete activity description, supplies and how-to’s! Enjoy your party however big or small.

New Years Discovery BottleNew Years Confetti ornament party IdeaNew Years Slime Celebration IdeaNew years baking soda science experiment science sensory play activity


Happy New Year from our family to yours!


  1. Awww….he looks like he had such a great time! Love the ball drop! I just told the girls that the earth made it all the way around the sun, so we have a new year! I guess that works for them since they are a little older and already know we circle the sun. A couple years ago they would have had no clue! lol

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