This is a fun, no sew alphabet project! It is super easy to make alphabet pockets for hands-on learning. Make learning letters a blast with alphabet pockets. Ready to be filled, these alphabet pockets are perfect for letter recognition, language development, and beginning sounds. Plus it is an awesome space saver and a good looking decoration for your kid’s room. Make learning letters playful. If you like DIY ideas, check out our cardboard rocket ship as well.

Quick and Easy No Sew Alphabet Pockets Hanger

How To Make Alphabet Pockets Hanger Over The Door Hanger No Sew

Before I knew about Pinterest, Before I wrote kid’s activities, and  Before I even had a baby, I made an over the door, hanging, no sew alphabet pockets project. I was pregnant at the time, and I knew I wanted to hang these alphabet pockets on my son’s bedroom door. Fast forward six years later and these alphabet pockets are still hanging on his bedroom door. They have even moved with us and will move again soon.

No Sew Felt Alphabet Pocket Hanger Preschool

I am not a sewer. I also don’t like to spend a ton of time on crafty projects. These alphabet pockets are a quick, no-sew idea you can do in an afternoon. Think of all the fun things you can fill your alphabet pockets with too! Go on treasure hunts with a letter theme. Take everything out of the pockets and race to fill them either for sound or letter recognition. The possibilities are endless. Not to mention it’s a great place to hold small things.

Materials Needed: Over the door pocket organizer, quality felt, letter patches, and fabric glue.

Now here’s the hard part of making these alphabet pockets…. wait there isn’t one! These alphabet pockets are pretty easy!

Step 1: Decide how big you want your square of felt {any color} and cut out 26 of them! I made a paper pattern and used a straight pin to anchor it to the felt. That’s as close to sewing as I get. 

Step 2: Glue letters onto red felt squares. I simply eyeballed how centered they were, but you can feel free to measure each one.

Step 3: Glue felt and letters onto pockets. Again I eyeballed, but you can measure.

Step 4: Hang your alphabet pockets and get ready to collect fun things to fill it with!

Alphabet Pocket Cards and Animals

I chose some fun alphabet flashcards with a Dr. Seuss theme and also these great letter cut outs! My son loves to collect mini finger puppets. Our goal was to try and fill our alphabet pockets with an animal or another object to represent the letter. We did quite well really. Check out some of the links below for items that have been in and out of our alphabet pockets.

E is for Eagle. F is for Fox. G is for Grasshopper. H is for horse. You get the idea!

Alphabet Pockets No Sew Felt Alphabet

These alphabet pockets have held up beautifully. Even when we have several toddlers running wildly around! The alphabet pockets definitely got mixed up almost every day. The animals are often removed for pretend play and returned wherever. However, it’s a great learning opportunity to go through and sort them back into their correct alphabet pockets. Check out some more learning ideas below.

Alphabet Pockets No Sew Felt Letters

Fun ways to use your alphabet pockets!

Make a treasure hunt around the house for new items to add to each letter.

Mix up the objects in the pockets and have your child fix them.

Hide alphabet puzzle pieces in the pockets. Find them and put the puzzle together.

Remove all the items and call out a letter for your child to either practice letter sounds or letter recognition.

Practice counting skills too! How many items are in each pocket?  What letter do each of the numbers start with?

Felt Alphabet Pocket Hanger

 Simple Alphabet Pockets for Home or Classroom!

Easy to make and no sewing needed! Your children will love this great addition to any room.


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