Icy Super Hero Rescue

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Icy Super Hero Rescue Sensory Sink Activity

Join me and my blogging friend Jaime over at Frogs, Snails, And Puppy Dog Tails for three days of fun sensory sink ideas! For three days we will be sharing themed sensory sink play ideas all about super heroes, science, and the 4th of July! At the end of each post is a link up to add your own sensory sink ideas too. Please join the fun. If you have never made one, take a look at how easy it is to fill, play and drain! 

Super Hero Sensory Sink Set Up

For our first sensory sink, I chose to use our kitchen sink with the double sinks. The day before, I gathered up our Imaginext super heroes and froze them in different containers. I froze several villains in one small container and a couple super heroes in another small container. The very special super hero, I froze in an ice tower. VERY SIMPLE to make. Use a milk container and cut off the top. Freeze in layers. I added stars, glitter and curled pipe cleaners to this one. About halfway up the container I froze Superman so that he would end up in the middle! Once frozen, tear away the milk carton and there’s your ice tower! Place everything in the sink. Supply warm water, a turkey baster and scoops for unfreezing fun (double sink comes in hand for holding bowl of warm water and refilling it quickly).

icy super her rescue sensory sink set up


Super Hero Sensory Sink Rescue

Let the fun begin. We love ice melting here and we have been freezing fun things all summer. Check below for more ideas! He knows just what to do and it has become a pretty independent play activity as long as I am near by. He has never done it in the sink before! I think he enjoyed playing with the faucet too!

Icy super hero rescue sensory sink getting started

He chose to unfreeze the villains last. Wise choice! He really wanted to rescue his favorite super hero first, Superman!

Icy Super Hero Sensory Sink Play

The bowl of warm water came in handy for dunking the chunks of ice too. Unlike at the table, he could get a little more creative with the unfreezing process by trying new things to melt the ice!

Icy Super Hero Sensory Sink Final Rescue

Once completely free, the sink was filled with glitter, stars and all his little men. He came up with a great little story with his guys and girl and used the small containers as boats to rescue them from the water. Of course the villains tried to foil the plan, but Superman saved the day!

icy super hero rescue completeOur first sensory sink experience was a success. Liam has thoroughly enjoyed icy sensory play so far this summer, and he is really into super heroes too. Whenever I can, I like to consider his current interests and build them into our activities for more meaningful play time together or independently!

Now to check out my co-host’s super hero sensory sink idea!

Superhero Sensory Sink from Frogs, Snails, And Puppy Dog Tails

Day 2: Frozen Jewels Science Sensory Sink

Frozen Fizzing Jewels Sensory Sink

Day3: 4th of July Beach Sensory Sink Play

Red White Blue Summer Sensory Sink

sensory sink image

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