Do you know that moment when your kid comes running over to you with a crazy looking LEGO creation? Remember frantically racking your brain trying to come up with what you think it might be before that excited little voice asks you to guess what it is? You are thinking: what on earth is it, and your kid is saying with a sense of authority exactly what it is, how it works, and how it will save the world. This is also the exact moment why kids build LEGO creations, and why you should encourage it.



Dear Parents,

Here’s why you should encourage your kids to build those crazy LEGO ideas. Dream big!

Have you seen The LEGO Movie? Dad aka {President Business or Lord Business} craves the order and practicalness of his LEGO creations and Son {aka Emmet} changes the world on a wild adventure. What a lesson learned at the end of the movie. It is certainly a lesson for us as parents that we should keep in mind when presented with these crazy LEGO creations.

Kids build LEGO creations as an extension of their imagination.

We can use LEGO for counting, for literacy, for sensory play, for fine motor skills, for science, for art, for computer coding. We can find so many new uses for the thousands of LEGO bricks shoved into every empty bin possible. I do all the time. Just check out all our LEGO Play Ideas.

Or, we can also sit and back and watch. We do this all the time too. There’s room for both. It’s fun to watch as our kids build LEGO creations that come from the deepest parts of their imagination. Inventions, contraptions, thing-a-ma-jigs, whatcha-ma-call-its, that all appear pointless are most definitely not.

Why should kids build LEGO creations?


Guess what LEGO fan’s parents…

Those pointless, crazy ideas are not so crazy at all. These ideas come from our next generation of leaders, engineers, innovators, scientists, thinkers, and doers. There is a purpose to this LEGO play. Your kids are using skills well beyond the instruction booklets in the boxes or cleverly designed activities.

These kids build LEGO creations that solve problems, make something better, or change something into something. Our world needs kids that look beyond the surface, can solve problems they don’t even know exist, can think outside the box, and can do what no one else is willing to try.

NOTE: We also love many fun, pre-planned LEGO activities too.



Instead of just neatly sorting each and every LEGO piece that comes through the house, make sure you have a good size tub filled with crazy mixed up LEGO pieces. We have both, the sorted and unsorted because sometimes you just want a specific piece for your creation!

This is where the real LEGO building fun begins. You should try it too! We have a lot to learn from our kids. If you need some help, our LEGO challenge week can also be useful.

The next time your kids come running up to you with the craziest looking LEGO creation you have ever seen, instead of inwardly rolling your eyes and wondering if you will be stepping on it later…

admire it with everything you’ve got.

Then have them explain to you every little detail and piece of it! You’ll be glad you did.

These kinds of ideas can’t be made by adult suggestion, but are born inside the fantastic minds of kids.


Looking for easy to print activities, and inexpensive problem-based challenges? 

We have you covered…

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