LEGO building is so entertaining and this easy to make LEGO Balloon Car is a perfect example of how wonderful LEGO play is for kids {and adults}. Combine simple science and engineering for STEM activities that will provide hours of fun and laughs. We love easy STEM projects for kids!


This Lego balloon car is so easy to build and super fun to play with for quite a few ages, at least 5 to 70 to be exact! I wish I could say that this was my awesome idea, but I first saw it over at Frugal Fun for Boys and we adapted this for our younger son.

This easy balloon car activity was a cool family time experience we could all share and laugh over today! LEGOs bring families together and make a great social experience for kids. Of course, LEGO is also great for independent play.

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How To Make A LEGO Balloon Car

Want to make a balloon powered car without LEGO bricks? Check out this project.


  • LEGO bricks (basic bricks, wheels, axles, etc.)
  • Balloons
  • Drinking straw (optional)
  • Tape (optional)
  • Small Tape Measure


STEP 1. Start by building the body of your car using LEGO bricks. You can use basic bricks to create a simple rectangular or square-shaped chassis. Make sure the chassis is sturdy and can support the weight of the balloon and wheels. Check out our cars further below.

STEP 2. Attach wheels to the bottom of your LEGO car base. You can use LEGO wheels and axles to create a basic wheel assembly. Make sure the wheels can rotate freely.

STEP 3. Next, create a space on the back of your LEGO car where you can attach the balloon. You can build a small platform or holder using LEGO bricks to secure the balloon in place. Have a look at the fun LEGO piece we used to attach the balloon.

STEP 4. Inflate the balloon by blowing air into it or using a pump. Once inflated, pinch the neck of the balloon to stop the air from escaping.

STEP 5. Attach the inflated balloon to the back of your LEGO car. You can use tape to secure the balloon to the platform or holder you built. Make sure the balloon is securely attached and can’t come loose during the car’s movement.

Optional: If you want, you can add a straw to the balloon to help direct the airflow and increase the car’s propulsion. Simply slide a drinking straw onto the neck of the balloon and secure it in place with tape if necessary.

STEP 6. Once everything is assembled, place your LEGO balloon car on a smooth, flat surface. Release the balloon to allow the air to escape and propel the car forward. Watch as the escaping air from the balloon pushes the car across the floor!

TIP: Experiment with different designs and configurations to see how they affect the car’s speed and distance traveled. Have fun building and testing your LEGO balloon car!


Our LEGO Balloon Car

Our son is still working on his building skills and designing skills. We all play along and model by doing different ways to build our Lego balloon cars.

Without telling him how to do it, we simply all work together and give him the opportunity to observe what we do. That’s his Lego balloon car below. Dad’s balloon car is the one in the middle on the bottom. Mine’s not too cool, but it worked!

Hint: Check out what we stuck our balloon through to hold it in place. It’s called a 1×2 flat with a handle. You can easily build something that will work.

Lego Balloon Car Building Activity Lego Race Cars KitPin

Extend The Activity

Blow up the balloon and let your LEGO car go! How far will your balloon car travel? Grab a measuring tape and see whose car went the farthest! Great for math skills too.

  • Why do you think this car went farther?
  • Why do you think this car was slower?
  • What if we tried it on a rug?
  • What happens if the balloon is blown up more or less?

There are endless questions you can ask to explore this fun LEGO activity. Playful learning is where it’s at and this definitely qualifies!

Not only is this LEGO balloon car a great play experience it’s also a great learning experience! Lots of fun math and science to incorporate into this LEGO activity.

Explore simple concepts like force and motion. The balloon forces out air which puts the car into motion. When the force slows down and eventually stops {empty balloon}, the car slows down and stops too. A heavier car will need a greater force but may not travel as far as a lighter car which will require less force to go farther.

Our balloon rocket is another fun example of this!

Explore Newton’s Laws of Motion too!

So how exactly does the car get its go? It’s all about the thrust and Newton’s Third Law of Motion that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

Let’s start with thrust. You blow up the balloon, so now it’s filled with gas. When you release the balloon the air/gas escapes creating a forward pushing motion called thrust! Thrust is created by the energy released from the balloon.

Then, you can bring in Sir Isaac Newton. For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. This is the third law of motion. When the gas is forced out of the balloon it pushed back against the air outside the balloon which then pushes the balloon forward!

Until the balloon is set in action, the LEGO car is at rest and you put it in motion. This is Newton’s 1st and 2nd Laws of Motion. An object at rest stays at rest until a force is added!

For another fun way to power a car, try our LEGO rubber band car project!


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  1. It would be nice to know what is in the Lego kit to build the balloon car. Nothing is mentioned about the exact pieces to build this car. Why?

  2. Well LEGO is for the imagination. We made it up using what we had on hand. If you take a look at the cars and pictures, you get a good idea.

  3. What size organizer did you use? I want to make sure I have enough room for all the bigger pieces. Thanks!

  4. This looks amazing, we are going to try something similar as a party game and then the attendees can take their car home as their party bag 🙂

  5. We have created Lego cars in our class. Can you tell me what piece you are using to hold the balloon? That is one item I think would help.


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