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Lego Candy Box Candy Heart STEM Heart Lego Engineering activity

Have Fun Engineering with Candy Hearts and Legos!

For Valentine’s Day this year we have been enjoying a few different projects! Of course we love our Valentine’s slime but we have also engineered some LEGO hearts, PVC pipe hearts, and made a LEGO Heart Marble Maze! For this project, the STEM Saturday team decided to see how we could include candy hearts in STEM activities. We combined ours with Legos and made a Heart Candy LEGO Box Building Challenge!

Heart Candy Lego Box Challenge Set Up

We are just getting into LEGO big time around here. However, we are finding we can do so many fun things with a small stash of LEGO. You don’t need a massive collection of specialty parts to have fun! Check out our simple LEGO zip line for another fun challenge! This would be a Lego candy box building challenge anytime of the year!

Supplies Needed {affiliate links included}:

LEGO! {our favorite starter kit},

Conversation Heart Candies {or your favorite candy!}

 measuring tape {optional}

Lego Box Building Activity Basic Bricks

LEGO Candy Box for Candy Hearts Engineering Project

There are lots of awesome LEGO candy dispenser projects out there, but my five year old needed a simpler LEGO candy box challenge he could complete with minimal help. I want to boost his confidence with independent building and designing.

Also, I want to try avoiding jumping in too much to help. However, he often needs a good bit of modeling and visual aids to truly “get” an idea. I set out a cup full of candy hearts and told him we needed to build a LEGO candy box to put them in for Valentine’s Day.

Lego Candy Box Heart STEM Engineering Lego Activity

He decided to make the LEGO candy box 10 LEGO “bumps” long as he calls them, but I think we have 11 on two sides! You could also grab a tape measure.

We sorted out the 1×2, 1×3, 1×4, and etc in red and white. Then I showed him how we could start building the walls.

We had to finagle a couple small base plates together as the bottom, since our collection isn’t huge yet! You could also just build it on a large base plate or make a bottom out of bigger bricks.

Every so often he would put the hearts in to see if it was high enough. He finally got the Lego candy box to a height that he was satisfied with and stopped.

Lego Candy Box Heart STEM Activity Lego Box Building

He wanted some sort of lid for his Lego candy box but wasn’t sure how to make it. I found two small white base plates and showed him how we could edge them with 2×8 and 2×4.

Really you just need to be creative to use what you have. he knew he needed a knob on top to lift the lid off the LEGO candy box.

Lego Candy Box Heart STEM Lego Box Lid

We added some LEGO mini figures as well. Just because a LEGO candy box isn’t complete without Lego mini figures!

Lego Candy box Heart Candy Activity

This LEGO candy box is a great beginner challenge for a young child just getting into the smaller legos! LEGO challenges are so much fun. This LEGO candy box was just right for our afternoon and perfect as a Valentine’s treat holder for our candy hearts.

He’s on his way to becoming a master builder! Grab a box of loose LEGO and get started!

What can you engineer with your LEOG stash today?

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