Lego Race Game Lego Minifigure Building Game Race

Simple Lego Race Game Sensory Search, Find, and Build!

This Lego race game is so easy to set up. Perfect for a couple kids or as an independent play activity.  Legos are pretty cool and great for fine motor skills too. Plus it’s Lego play, so it makes for some great playful learning. Our Lego marble maze building project is also great fine motor play!

Lego Race Game

Building is all about fine motor skills. Why not make it fun and a little sneaky with this simple set up Lego race game. Kids love to build minifies anyway! I bet your kids don’t even realize that building these little Lego people are awesome for hand eye coordination, hand strength, and finger dexterity. Shhh don’t tell them! That’s why this Lego race game is perfect fine motor play!

Supplies Needed {affiliate links included}:

Legos! {our favorite starter kit}

Small container like ours from the dollar store or a shoebox!

Bag of beans or other great sensory bin filler to hide the lego pieces

Timer or Stop Watch {I used my phone}

To Set Up Lego Race Game

Grab an empty container and dump in a bag of beans or other sensory bin filler. I used a dollar store container but a shoebox or even a baking pan will work just as well. Keep it quick and easy! Now, grab a bunch of your Lego mini figures and take them all apart. Make sure if you have an equal amount of legs, bodies, heads, and hair/hats. Mix the pieces into the container and now you have a Lego race to build game!

Ready, set, go Lego race to build mini figures game!

Lego Race to Build Game Lego Minifigure Game Fine Motor Building Skills


A new minute to win it Lego race game?

Add a timer or stopwatch! See how many you can build in a minute or how long it takes to build them all. I put about 20 minifigs in this Lego race game. Great for multiple players or just one!

Lego Race Build Game with Minifigures Timer

There you have it! A simple Lego race game for fine motor and STEM learning. Even some math too.

Do you love Legos? We love Legos for all our play and learning ideas!



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