Lego slime minifigure play activity

Make Easy Lego Slime with Minifigure Heads

Try Our Quick And Simple Slime Recipe For  Sensory Play

New! Lego Slime! Slime is awesome and easy to make. We have used this homemade slime recipe over and over again and it has not failed us yet.  You will have awesome slime in less than 10 minutes that you can play with over and over again. This homemade slime recipe is so quick, you can stop at the grocery store and pick up what you need. You may even have it already! I am looking forward to all the fun ways to play with our homemade slime this year. I am definitely adding it to our 25 Classic Science Experiments list. 


Supplies Needed for Lego  Slime {Amazon affiliate links}:

    •  White Glue (1) Elmer’s Washable Glue works best!
    • Liquid Starch
    • Water
    • Measuring Cups (1/2 cup)
    •  yellow food coloring
    • 2 bowls and a spoon 
    • Lego Minifigure heads

To Make Lego Slime: Recipe, hints and tricks!

You will find our slime recipe here with tips and tricks to get you on our way along with other amazing ideas!  This homemade slime recipe is very easy and quick to make!

I find mixing slime quite soothing but it’s a little too messy for my son. He likes the finished product better! This time I added a fine motor sensory search activity to our slime. Removing all our lego heads!


Lego Slime Sensory Search and Find Fine Motor Sensory Play

Daddy loves Legos too and also enjoys our homemade slimes! A few of our friends and their children came over for a slime making party one weekend day. That’s how easy it is and check out our slime party! I pulled out about 30 Lego mini figure heads to mix into this Lego slime after it was made. Simply fold them into the slime! You could also use tiny lego pieces too!

Lego slime yellow slime sensory play activity

The lego slime fine motor sensory challenge, remove the lego heads! It’s great fine motor work searching for all the lego pieces. Work on hand strength, finger dexterity, and tactile processing while having tons of fun with slime!

Lego slime homemade slime recipe lego pieces fine motor search

 We love the bubbles that our slimes always make!

Added fine motor bonus, stick all the legos heads to the base plate or stack them on top of each other! Such great playful fine motor practice with cool Lego slime!

 Homemade Lego slime is great any time of the year! Plus we love Legos!

Slime is an awesome, low mess sensory play material that doesn’t leave the hands dirty. It’s fun to squeeze it and watch it ooze out of your hands or small bowl. We enjoy whipping up batches of slime often. Usually we leave it on the table and everyone who passes by has to stop and play with it {It can be stored lightly covered and if it dries a bit make sure to play with it!}. Slime is an easy, at home sensory solution! Try another fun lego slime from Lemon Lime Adventures

Check out all our awesome slime ideas!

Starch Slime Recipe Homemade Easy Slime Recipe

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