LEGO and sensory play combine for a super fun LEGO treasure hunt small world. based on the Magic Tree House book #4, Pirates Past Noon by Mary Pope Osborne. We had a lot of fun reading this book, so I decided to turn it into a sensory play activity with LEGO. Bring a book to life by creating a small world play bin.

LEGO Treasure Hunt Small World Sensory Play

Lego Treasure Hunt Magic Tree House Pirates Past Noon Small World Play

Re-telling the Magic Tree House book #4 with hands-on play.

It’s Lego week! I have joined a terrific group of bloggers bringing you awesome Lego ideas all week long. Our Lego treasure hunts small world play is the perfect way to bring a favorite book to life. We have recently begun reading the Magic Tree House books by Mary Pope Osborne. I read them to my son. He has such a terrific memory of the stories, that I thought it would be fun to re-tell the story. Create this simple Lego treasure hunt the small world for storytelling with book #4, Pirates Past Noon.

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Lego Treasure Hunt Small World Magic Tree House Pirate

This Lego treasure hunt small world sensory bin is very simple to put together. If you have never made a sensory bin, read more about how to make sensory bins and their benefits here. Craft sand is one of our top 10 favorite sensory bin fillers. I also used shells, rocks and glass gems all easily found at a craft store or dollar store. All of these materials can be repurposed for many different types of play like our sand slime!

Lego Treasure Hunt Small World Sensory Play

To create your  Lego treasure hunt arrange sand, rocks, and shells in whatever type of bin or dish you have. We have started using smaller shallower bins since he is more into story telling than traditional sensory play these days. If you have a child who really loves to dig and sift, you might want a bigger bin! Add your Legos! Gather your treasure for your Lego treasure hunt! We have accumulated neat items over the past year, but those super tiny circular pieces make great treasure too.

Get creative with your Legos. Mix them with other fun elements!

Lego Treasure Hunt Pirate Activity magic Tree House

We made Jack with his backpack and Annie with her pony tail. He was careful to pick out just the right people and Annie is shorter than Jack too. I even had a treasure map piece. You could make your own paper treasure map too! We also had a pirate like in the story to add along with Polly the Parrot. The parrot is an important character.

Re-tell a favorite story with hands-on sensory play.

Lego Treasure Hunt magic Tree House Pirate Book Activity

My son loved this Lego treasure hunt. For the few minutes it took to put together, we had a great time together. I listened as he retold the story of Pirates Past Noon {magic Tree House Book #4} by Mary Pope Osborne. I couldn’t believe all the details he remembered from the story. We even got the book out to check out pictures and look up missing parts of the story.

Lego Treasure Hunt Story Telling Activity

One of the awesome parts of this Lego treasure hunt is the sand. It simply feels good on the hands. 

Lego treasure Hunt Sand Sensory Bin

Adding sensory play or a small world to a favorite book is a great way to review a story. It’s also a wonderful opportunity to interact with your child, ask questions, add to the story, develop language skills, and more! Make early learning playful and you won’t believe what they will learn.

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