Use anyone of our homemade slime recipes to make a cool finger strengthening activity for kids! Practice fine motor skills and encourage finger dexterity by adding fun little objects to your slime play. This slime finger strengthening activity makes learning fun! Homemade slime is also cool science for kids.


Lego Treasure Slime finger strengthening idea for fine motor skills

Our treasure slime is science! Our treasure slime is sensory play! Our treasure slime is for finger strengthening! Slime is a fascinating substance and it is also easy to make with our simple recipe. 

We have made a batch for almost every holiday and season. We also used our LEGO in a Star Wars themed glow in the dark. This time we used our treasure slime for finger strengthening and fine motor play. Pair it with our LEGO treasure sensory dig too!


These are some of our favorite recipes that will work very well for making slime for our slime finger strengthening and fine motor play activity. If you need a taste safe recipe, you can always check out our NEW FIBER SLIME recipe.

No more having to print out a WHOLE blog post for just one recipe!

Get our basic slime recipes in an easy to print format so you can knock out the activities!


Follow the directions in our slime recipe to make a clear slime using clear Elmer’s washable school glue. Gather up your tiniest LEGO pieces and crystals too. We added a couple of LEGO minifigures and some accessories to make a story.

Lego Treasure Slime How to make slime

After you have mixed up your Lego treasure slime, it’s time to play!

Lego Treasure Slime Liquid Starch Recipe

Tiny Legos make a great Lego treasure slime hunt. We made this slime to go along with our theme for exploring the Magic Tree House book, Pirates Past Noon. We also made a Lego Sand Sensory Bin Treasure Hunt to retell the story. The science behind slime is also a great learning opportunity.

Lego Treasure Slime Using Fingers to Pull out Legos Finger Dexterity ExerciseADD FINE MOTOR PLAY

Manipulating the tiny LEGO in the treasure slime, pulling the pieces out, and moving the pieces around are great ways to practice fine motor skills that strengthen little hands.

Those super tiny LEGO pieces are even a challenge for me to pick up! Building up finger strength with simple activities will help prepare your child for grasping a pencil later on! 

Lego Treasure Strengthening hand muscles sensory play

When you have found all the treasure, count it. Moving one piece at a time from one pile to another is also great fine motor work. LEGO is an amazing toy that teach so many great things. We love playing and learning with LEGO, and we always find a new play idea for them too.

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lego treasure slime fine motor play activity



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