Painting To Music

Inspiring Creativity With A Paint Brush & A Song

music painting

Do you usually listen to music when you paint? We don’t naturally gravitate to playing music here and often Liam has to be in the mood to tolerate music anyway. We have been making musical instruments this week so I thought a great idea might be to try and paint whatever moves us while we listen to a favorite CD.



 I think he feels the beat of the drum!

His favorite is the drum collection (each one features a different instrument). Liam does love to play all his instruments and he has a music table set up upstairs as well. However, the drum has a wonderful deep sound that goes right down into your body. I am assuming he finds this soothing.

I taped down a large piece of paper to the table and gave him several brushes and a palette of paint and started the music.

The painting took on a whole new round of fun for him and watching him, it really seemed like he got into the rhythm of it! Many people choose classical pieces for this, but I really wanted him to love this idea so I chose music he was already happy listening to. Maybe next time, we will break out some Bach!

Have you ever painted to music? 


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