Explore chemical reactions and fine motor skills with this Magic Leprechaun St Patricks Day science activity. St. Patrick’s Day is so much fun around here with parades and a festivities for kids, so we incorporated a bit of the magic leprechaun into our learn and play time too! Check out all our holiday themed activities for the season!

St Patricks Day Science Activity for Kids

St Patricks Day Science Activity and Magic Leprechaun Play


Baking soda science is really fun for young kids. There is definitely a wow factor associated with it. Plus it’s easy kitchen science for home or school. Our St Patricks Day science activity is quick and easy to set up for lots of play and learning opportunities.


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Mini Plastic Shamrocks {necklaces cut up}

Spray Bottle



Baking Soda, Vinegar, Food Coloring

st patricks baking soda set up

I invited Liam to use the spray bottle for this fine motor play, modeling proper use! He always enjoys baking soda and vinegar experiments, and this was a winner! He was excited to find the pennies and shamrocks and wanted to make sure to spray all the baking soda and use all the magic spray!

st patricks baking soda activity spray bottle

Magic Leprechaun Fine Motor Play Tweezing & Spooning

I set out a styrofoam egg crate to use for the next part of our fine motor skills play. He filled each section with a penny using tweezers but kids can use fingers too. . We did lots of counting back and forth to see how many were left or how many we needed! Fun fine motor play with a St Patricks Day science activity!

st patricks day baking soda activity tweezers and spoon

He asked to put them in his piggy bank when we were finished. What a great fine motor play extension activity. I told him we would need to clean and dry them first. I gave him a bowl of water and a few paper towels. He used his pincer grasp to transfer each one to the water. He rinsed, patted dry and deposited each penny into his piggy bank for safe keeping!

st patricks baking soda activity cleaning coins

I love how simple science activities are also perfect for working on fine motor skills! Enjoy play today.

St Patricks Day Science Activity for Kids


St Patricks Day Rainbow Science Slime baking Soda Density Crystals


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  1. Can I just say that Liam is blessed to have you as his mama! You are so very creative and thoughful with all the activities you do! Glad to be in the FMF series with you! Such a super fun activity and I know my kiddos would love to do something like this; I don’t really get into St. Patty’s Day, but we could definitely apply the baking soda play to something else!

  2. helloooo, would u happen to be the blogger that posted an activity using plastic cupcake eggs (they look like the plastic E)aster eggs? I finally found the cupcakes and now can’t remember which blogger posted the activity :-/ I have search my saved emails from several bloggers with no results….



  3. Oh wow! This looks so much fun! I love using the tweezers to get out the things. Added fine motor skills.

    I’ve featured it on The Sunday Showcase this week.

  4. Thank you for sharing this activity we will defenitely include it in our lesson plans. We tried the baking soda & vinegar activity last week during our volcano unit. The children had so much fun. I can’t wait for them to try the leprechaun spray.

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