Do you really want one more gift that sits around unused gathering dust? Do you really want to spend money on gifts just because you have to buy gifts? I know I don’t! I have been reading a lot about living simply, embracing clutter free living, and enjoying experiences rather than material gifts. Now it’s no secret that kids love presents! So go ahead and splurge on a science discovery kit for your kids. Chuck full of curiosity inducing tools to use all year long.

Make a Cool Kid’s Science Discovery Kit Gift

Kids Science Discovery Kit Gift STEM Gift

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Do you have a curious kid {or relative}? Do you love to do activities at home with your kids? Our kid’s science discovery kit is full of our favorite tools to enjoy all kinds of STEM activities all year long. We have many amazing activities you can easily do at home using the items in this science discovery kit! Take look at our list of Favorite Science Experiments for the Young Scientist

What’s inside a science discovery kit?

STEM Science Discovery Kit Kids Gift

Science Discovery Kit Checklist:

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Learning Resources Primary Science Lab Kit

Learning Resources Scale

Learning Resources Tape Measure

Fisher Price Heavy Duty Kid Tough Binoculars

Learning Resources Super Magnet Lab

Educational Insights Bug Box

Educational Insights  Jr. Microscope

Make Science Discovery Kit

More fun and inexpensive items to add to your science discovery kit can be found at the grocery store or dollar store! I love to have items like rulers, large calculators, turkey basters, plastic cups, small containers, squirt bottles, and balloons on hand! These items can make scientific investigations and experiments much more fun and aide in simple and quick set up of so many cool science experiments!

STEM Science Kit Idea for Kids

A turkey baster, measuring cups, small plastic ramekins, extra eye droppers {grocery store pharmacy}, funnels, and squirt bottles make great science and fine motor tools!

30+ Awesome Science Experiments for Kids

25 STEM Activities for Kids

Kids Science Tools for Science Kit

The finishing touch to add to your science discovery kit is the proper outfit your young scientist. This includes a pair of safety goggles and a white lab coat. Our favorite primary science lab kit{above} includes a set of safety goggles, but you can grab extra pairs at the hardware store. For our lab coat, I have been using one of my husband’s old white dress shirts. You can always stop at a second hand store to stock up! Science can get messy!

Science Discovery Kit for Kids

Pack up your science discovery kit is a sturdy plastic tote for a clutter free gift kids will love! This simple science kit is also a great family gift for multiple kids. Just add the extra goggles, lab coats, and eye droppers for everyone to get in on the action. Around here, the adults love to experiment too.

Stock your science discovery kit with ingredients for cool experiments!

kids science kit packed into carry tote


Give the gift of a science discovery kit. It will last a lifetime!

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