You must have seen all the super cute new style eggs in the shape of bunnies, carrots, chicks, and even fancy eggs! It’s taken the standard plastic Easter egg to a whole new level. Well, I saw these fun shaped plastic eggs and had to use them in our Easter slime recipe collection. It’s a super fun way to incorporate STEM play and learning for the holidays.


We do love our slime and our holidays, so we are constantly thinking of fun new ways to use our slime to fit a holiday theme. Already this Easter we filled regular plastic eggs with cool neon Easter slime. Then we made awesome pastel colored fluffy slime. These are two of our very favorite recipes.

We have even used the new egg shape plastic eggs for Easter eruptions with baking soda and vinegar science. They are so handy for making these mini Easter volcanos, and kids love a good eruption and chemical reaction.

Plastic Easter egg baking soda science activity with erupting eggs!

Plastic Easter eggs have so many cool uses for early learning play. We have found numerous uses for these eggs that are super quick and easy to set up for preschool, kindergarten, and early elementary age kids. You can view them all here, and add them to your list.

Now we love slime and we have a slime for every occasion and then some. There are always so many cool ideas you can do with slime, and making holiday themed slimes is no exception. So for each holiday, you will always see a few variations!

I couldn’t resist filling these cute eggs with a little bit of our favorite glitter slime recipe. My son is more than happy to nickname this slime the bunny butt slime. It will forever be named. You will find the recipe below by clicking on the black box.

Make homemade Easter slime recipe for kids Easter science

Easter slime recipe in bunny shaped plastic Easter eggs


Easter Slime Recipe for Kids

You can also check out one of our other awesome slime making recipes for a different idea!

Easter Slime Supplies Includes Glue and Liquid Starch


Elmer’s Washable Clear Glue {white will work but will be less sparkly}

Liquid Starch {laundry detergent aisle}


Neon Food Coloring


Bowl, Spoon, Measuring Cup

Special Fun Eggs!

We have a special page for each recipe that gives you step by step instructions with pictures! You can use whatever glitter or colors you like! I chose the pink and my son chose the green. We also made a sparkly/holographic batch without color. Have fun and invent your own colors.

You can see we added quite a bit of pink and iridescent glitter to this batch of slime.

Adding loads of glitter for our glitter Easter slime recipe

Simple and sparkly clear glue glitter slime!

Glittery and iridescent slime recipe using glue and starch

We decide to take our slime outdoors since it was a lovely, warm day. You will see the extra sunlight and green foliage in the background. It’s wonderful to finally see spring arrive and just in time for Easter! Enjoy our Easter slime recipe pictures.

Easter slime recipe put inside a plastic egg

The famous bunny butt and Easter slime recipe. This thoroughly amuses a 7 year old boy.

Bunny Butt slime as part of our Easter slime recipe named by my son.

Enjoy your slime recipe and science experiment outdoors

I mentioned science above. So what’s the science behind the slime? Slime is cool chemistry because it’s a neat chemical reaction that occurs between the specific glue we use and the liquid starch which has borate ions. The polymers when cross linked with this ingredient begin to change and form the rubber material that we call slime. You can read more about polymers and cross linkers here!

How To Make Easter Slime Recipe for Kids Easter Activities

I always thought slime was going to be super hard to make until I actually made it! So give it a try, kids will be so excited. Just to make sure to thoroughly wash hands and surfaces after use. Also make sure to check out our slime safety tips and you can look at all our alternative slime recipes to see which one suits your kids best.

Kids Easter Slime Recipe Science Activity


Click on the photos below for more awesome Easter Science ideas.

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