Sock Puppet Making Activity

sock puppet activity

Simple Play is Fun!

As often as possible, we have been following along with NurtureStore’s month of simple play, complex learning. We have shared painting, small world play, play dough play, baking and more. For more information check out their main page for all the details. Today is simple puppet play day! Liam, has in the past, asked to make a sock puppet and I had set aside a sock I had found. Without a mate and a small hole it was perfect. One day I thought…Today is the day!

Making a Sock Puppet Set Up

sock puppet set up

Making a sock puppet is not as hard as you might think. In fact it is supposed to be simple, simple play right! I do not sew, so that makes it simple right there. Felt glue is a good idea. I set up my favorite tray with bits of this and that for him to pick from to make his puppet. I made sure to add some googly eyes, a nose, a mouth, and a little felt heart! Making a sock puppet doesn’t require much more than a sock and whatever you can find! Keep it simple and it will be perfect!

Making a Sock Puppet getting Started

sock puppet making

I managed the glue since it was so tough to get out. Why are glue bottles painfully difficult? He added a nose, eyes, a mouth, a heart, hair and ears. That’s all he wanted. He likes to keep it simple too! Ultimately, what he really wanted was to put it on his hand and play. Since it wasn’t quite dry we had some mishaps with things falling off, but he managed to give a little puppet show just the same! I think a good nights rest for both of them will make for more fun tomorrow and maybe we will even add more to it or get busy making a sock puppet friend to join the fun! This simple play project of making a sock puppet couldn’t have gone smoother!

Making A Sock Puppet Play

sock puppet playing

Our afternoon activity for making a sock puppet was wonderful and simple. It cost nothing but the time was priceless. I will save all our old socks for homemade sock puppets now. Making a sock puppet is a must do activity for any child. Turn a cardboard box into a simple puppet theater like this one from P is For Preschooler and you are good to go for a great afternoon of imaginative, simple play!

sock puppet final


I hope you enjoyed our simple play for today!


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