Making Time For Everything

How To Give Undivided Attention To Anything You Want Every Day!

Making Time For Everything 1 Simple Tip

One Super Simple Tip Anybody Can Try Today

How Is Making Time For Everything So Difficult?

Making time for everything. Ha, sounds unbelievable right. I bet you have already mentally compiled a to-do list 10 items deep the minute you read my first sentence. We live hectic lives filled with so many to-dos from home to work to social obligations. I get that and I have them too! I can tell you, that even you, can start making time for everything you want to do! Whether it be more quality time with kids, spouse, partner, hobbies, chores, or simple day-to-day tasks, making time for everything is really possible.

Why Do I Have The Right To Tell You About Making Time For Everything?

Yes, I am a stay -at- home mom writing this to a potentially full- time working mom, but I believe it still applies. Plus, this isn’t the place to get into who has a more hectic life and who doesn’t. Now, I don’t mean to say that making time for everything is all about making hours reappear in a hectic life. Making time for everything is making the most of the time you have whether it is an hour or simply 15 minutes (or even four 15 minute blocks a day)! I have one simple Tip for making time for everything and it’s one I have to constantly work on every day!

One Simple Tip To Making Time For Everything!

This one simple step to making time for everything is so simple you might just roll your eyes. Go ahead and roll them, but try it! When you are at home, put your phone away. That’s the one simple tipI have to share. Find a special home  for your phone, don’t just silence it and put it next to you. Really put it away. Set a timer if you have to keep track of time (buy a watch) and focus on one thing for even 15 minutes. Play silly games with the kids, brush your dog, snuggle with your partner, write a journal entry, or read a new chapter in your favorite book. We use to (way before smart phones) do it all the time! If you don’t have it out, you won’t feel compelled to slide it open.

Seriously, Try This One Simple Tip!

I tried it. Yes, this stay at home mom chucked her phone in the basket by the door and played Legos with out checking Pinterest, Facebook, email, twitter and whatever else continuously flashes notifications every 5 seconds. I waste countless minutes sifting pages. Now don’t get me wrong!  I love being connected to others with my phone. Many days it saves my sanity to know I can text my closest friends a set of rolling eyes and they are instantly there for me. We don’t need to be absolutely present 100% of the time, but we should be totally present a little bit of the time. All those minutes checking what’s new add up!

Does It Work? Yes, It Does!

My phone is my watch. I should wear a watch. Giving my child, my husband and even my gym time my undivided attention has made for a closer relationship with all three of them. Yes, even gym time! Aiming to play 30 mins now with my son in a dedicated, not have my phone with me, glancing sideways to see the pop up, kind of way is wonderful and fulfilling. Same goes for spending evenings with my husband not scrolling Facebook. We are both guilty of that too and there’s definitely a time to veg and scroll no doubt about it! However,  It can be just plain addicting.

Making Time For Everything Doesn’t Take A Long Time!

Pick the one or two things you want to make more time for each day and toss the phone (gently) for even 10-15 mins to get started. Keep it manageable and it will be rewarding. Remember, we use to do it all the time! Get a watch if you really need to keep track of time. A plain old boring watch at that!

Give it a try, just one day for 15 minutes and let me know how it goes! You might just be surprised!


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  1. I really needed to read this! I am totally guilty of that sideways glancing at the phone play time. Ugh. Such a great tip to put my undivided attention on my task at hand. Especially when it involves my kids!

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