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Practicing Drawing Lines For Fine Motor Skills

Map Activity line drawing fine motor skills practice

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Fine Motor Fridays is one of my favorite days of the week. Not only do I get to host an awesome blog hop with amazing ladies, I get to try out great fine motor play ideas to share with you. Strengthening little hands while having loads of fun is my number one goal here. We use everyday tools to work on skills and find simple ways to play and laugh too! Join the fun every Friday and find a great activity or two to try!

Map Activity For Fine Motor Skills

A simple fine motor skill, that’s easy to practice anytime, is line drawing and coloring. Learning how to hold a writing implement, manipulate a writing tool, and move fingers around a pen, pencil or marker can be tricky for a young child. Daily drawing and writing activities that are fun and exciting will help your child improve overall hand strength, finger dexterity and appropriate pencil grasp. I like to encourage the best pencil grasp which is a tripod pencil grasp (thumb and first two fingers) but since my son is a reluctant colorer we are still using a modified tripod grasp where we have more fingers involved! This map activity is a fun new way for us to practice skills and learn a little bit about maps. He enjoys collecting maps from hikes and destinations, and we enjoy reading Me On The Map by Joan Sweeney

Materials Needed

  • maps from hiking, cities, malls, anything with fun lines to trace, draw or items to circle
  • laminator (we had Staples use the heavy duty laminate for these to make them extra durable)
  • dry erase markers or crayons
  • clipboard (great for travel)
  • pencil case (great for travel)
  • string (connect the case to the clipboard for easy travel)

Simply laminate, either at home or at an office supply store, a collection of maps that you have put together. Liam loves that he knows each of his maps and what we did at each destination. If an activity is meaningful and of high interest to a child, the more likely he or she will stick with it and put some great effort into it!

map activity practicing line drawing set up

Map Activity For Fine Motor Skills Practice Drawing

We sat together and talked about our travels. He much prefer to sit with me and since he is much more of an auditory learner, enjoys when I give him verbal directions to follow. I asked him to circle certain items on his dinosaur map, find numbers on a campground map, and trace roads on a mountain hiking map! Simply use a paper towel to wipe clean and start over!

map activity practicing tracing circling and drawing

Map Activity Travel Idea

Turn this simple map activity into a great quiet bag/box idea or make it ready for travel. I added a clipboard with a pencil case tied to it for easy retrieval by child in the car. Tip:We use pencil cases for organizing all our markers, crayons and colored pencils! Add new maps from vacations or get a special map ready for a long car trip. Older children can find city names too! Young children can locate route numbers.

map activity travel set up or quiet box play activity

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  1. I love that you took something he really likes and found a fun way to use it to encourage something he is normally reluctant about. I also always like reading about how you know his learning style and adapt activities to set him up for success! So encouraging and helpful!

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