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Pre Writing Skills Activity 

Maze Sensory Play Pre Writing Activity


Fine Motor Friday Blog Hop!

Fine Motor Fridays is one of my favorite days of the week. Not only do I get to host an awesome blog hop with amazing ladies, I get to try out great fine motor play ideas to share with you. Strengthening little hands while having loads of fun is my number one goal here. We use everyday tools to work on skills and find simple ways to play and laugh too! Join the fun every Friday and find a great activity or two to try!

Pre Writing Activities Are All About Fine Motor Skills

We chose to use sensory play for our pre writing skills activity. Tracing or making lines using a finger, the eraser part of a pencil, a stick or even a chopstick (like us) is awesome fine motor practice for eventually writing letters on paper. Practicing holding a pencil shaped object correctly is so important! If you are just getting started try a finger. Plus it’s fun sensory play too!

Materials Needed

  • Sensory material like cornmeal, flour or salt.  We used epsom salt!
  • chopstick or other like implement for drawing/tracing
  • stones, gems, or other objects to make maze obstacles
  • cookie tray (dollar store supply)

Simple Maze Making Sensory Tray Set Up

maze pre writing sensory play set up

Fine Motor Maze Play Is Fun And Simple!

Make practicing pre writing skills fun by adding in elements of creative play! We chose a knight and a horse for the start and finish of the maze. Help the knight reach his horse! I also added in a dragon the knight had to work his way around! expect a little storytelling mixed in too!

maze pre writing skills sensory play maze making

Working on holding the chopstick properly and encouraging a three finger (tripod grasp) is the foundation of pre writing skills. Getting comfortable with it, improving finger dexterity and hand strength are also a part of this fine motor, pre writing play activity.  maze pre writing sensory play drawing lines with chopstick

We decided to just the use the rocks at the end. He enjoyed making swirls around them and whatever lines he wanted which is awesome pre writing practice.

maze prewriting sensory play making swirls with chopsticks

There are so many ways to build up pre writing skills so that the challenge of actually writing on paper won’t be so difficult. Make it fun and keep it simple with items you have on hand. Playful learning is the best. Please check out all the other great ideas here for developing fine motor skills in your child!

Fine Motor Fridays Blog Hop



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