Mini Alphabet Sensory Bins Early Learning Alphabet Activity

Make Fun Mini Alphabet Sensory Bins

Try these mini alphabet sensory bins for a little hands on early learning this year. Sensory play makes for a rich learning environment to help spark the curiosity of any child. Engaging and plain old fun, rice sensory bins are a great way to engage with your child and engage several children at once!

Hands On Early Learning Sensory Play

Build language, letter sounds and letter recognition with items around the house. Sensory bins also build social skills and cooperative play, read my post on All About Sensory Bins here and check out our favorite fillers. What will you add?

mini alphabet sensory bins close up of all boxes

Materials Needed

  • mini bins
  • letters, upper and lower case (use flash cards, puzzle pieces, laminated print outs) I found an awesome set at Trillium Montessori that included some great photo images to add to the letters. You may have to contact them as I don’t see them readily available, but it should be easy to come up with your own too!
  • mini objects to match letter sounds that you are working on
  • play dough and letter stamps for extra sensory play and learning
  • sensory filler such as dried peas or rice

mini alphabet sensory bins contents of boxes

Simple toys and objects from around the house, drink mix scoops and play dough!

mini sensory bins side shot of play dough and letters

Mini Alphabet Sensory Bins

These simple mini alphabet sensory bins are great for little hands to explore and learn with while playing!

  • sort objects by letter
  • practice letter sounds
  • learn new words
  • work on fine motor skills with letter stamps and play dough
  • independent or quiet time play ideas
  • one-on-one play for helping your child work on skills together
  • multiple ages can work and play together
  • laminated letters can be traced with a dry erase marker or finger

mini alphabet sensory bins close up of four boxes and contents

Fun puzzle pieces make a great addition to mini alphabet sensory bins. If you are using all the mini alphabet sensory bins at one time, pull out the puzzle board as well.

mini alphabet sensory bins close up of one box

Work on one mini alphabet sensory bin at a time or all at once! Challenge, take all the items out except letters and sort into the right mini alphabet sensory bins! That will keep them busy! Plus these mini alphabet bins stack Neatly stacks for easy storage.

mini alphabet sensory bins shot of stacked bins

Easy Mini Alphabet Sensory Bins for Playful Learning.

Make Early Learning Fun and Playful!

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