Do you have a little LEGO fan who also loves to color everything LEGO and just happens to love robots too? Hmm, well, I do! Grab these free LEGO minifigure robot coloring pages plus a blank page to design your own robot! Adults can have fun with this one as well. We love everything LEGO and have many fun LEGO activities to share with you.


Free Robot Coloring Pages and Design Coloring Page for Kids


Did you know that you can combine LEGO and process art or famous artists to create some really unique projects? Although building with LEGO is truly an art form all on its own, you can also get pretty creative with LEGO pieces and art supplies. Try out some of these projects in addition to our robot-theme LEGO coloring sheets!

 Self Portraits with LEGO 

 LEGO City Stamping 

 Brick Tessellation​ 

 Monochromatic LEGO Mosaics 

 LEGO Symmetry and Warhol


My little guy was so excited to start coloring one of these LEGO minifigure robot coloring pages that I had to immediately print one off for him. He told me which cool things I should add to the robots. This is most definitely a kid-approved activity that’s totally screen-free.

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You can also grab your LEGO bits and pieces and build mini robots for quick fun. Plus, you can incorporate them into these LEGO coding activities that are screen-free!

Fun Robot Coloring Pages

Free LEGO Minifigure Robot Coloring Pages for Kids

Make sure to notice that in each one, you will see a heartbeat measurement somewhere on the Minifigure robot! My son wanted me to note that there are plenty of areas to draw in power levels and memory charging places.

Free Minifigure Robot Coloring Sheets for Kids

I even included a blank robot in our bundle of robot coloring pages for you to design your own. There is even a spot for you to name your robot and give him or her a code number!

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Free Robot Coloring Page Pack

Grab your free robot coloring sheets below and get started today! These make a fun party activity, or to add to a party favor bag with our homemade LEGO-shaped crayons!

Make an ART Bot

For a quick and easy robot to go along with your robot coloring pages, make an art bot with materials from the dollar store! Have these guys help you color! These are also fantastic robot-themed party activities for kids to make and take. Or add them to an ART camp!


LEGO Activities and STEM Challenges for Kids

Printable LEGO STEM Activities Pack

  • 10O+ Brick theme learning activities in an e-book guide using the bricks you have on hand! Activities include literacy, math, science, art, STEM, and more!
  • 31-Day Brick Building Challenge Calendar for a month of fun ideas.
  • Brick Building STEM Challenges and Task Cards keep kids busy! Includes animals, pirates, space, and monsters!
  • Landmark Challenge Cards: Virtual tours and facts to get kids building and exploring the world.
  • Habitat Challenge Cards: Take the challenge and build your own creative animals in their habitats
  • Brick theme I-Spy and Bingo games are perfect for game day!
  • Screen-free coding activities with a brick theme. Learn about algorithms and binary code!
  • Explore mini-fig emotions and much more
  • A complete year of Brick themed seasonal and holiday challenges and task cards
  • 100+ page of The Unofficial Guide to Learning with LEGO ebook and materials
  • Brick Building Early learning pack filled with letters, numbers, and shapes!