We love the Minion Movie! Of course we also love Despicable Me! Why not create a few fun activities to accompany your favorite movies? Our Minion Slime was a huge hit with everyone. Sensory or discovery bottles are fun ways to engage the sense of sight. You can also learn a little something too, depending on the theme.

Quick and Fun Minion Sensory Bottle Activity for Kids

Minion Sensory Bottle Despicable Me Minion Movie Loom Band Activity

Make your very own minion sensory bottle! 

We have created numerous science discovery bottles and homemade sensory bottles including glitter sensory bottles! I think this Minion sensory bottle is my number one favorite! Loom bands are pretty light, and I tried various methods to get them to move around the whole bottle smoothly.

My best solution was a combination of water and hair gel!

You can grab a bottle of inexpensive clear hair gel at the store for your Minion sensory bottle. I did try clear glue which I have used for our glitter bottles, but it wasn’t think enough to suspend the loom bands throughout the whole bottle.

If you simply use water, you get a nice sink or float activity, but actually getting the loom bands to slowly move through the Minion sensory bottle won’t work. It makes an interesting science experiment if you want to explore different liquids!

How to make a minion sensory bottle with gel and loom bands

Supplies Needed:

  • Yellow Loom Bands {I purchased small packages of colors for $.99 at our craft store}
  • VOSS Water Bottle { I have a few of these I reuse for different sensory bottle ideas!}
  • Any  Blue and Black Tape
  • Large Googley Eye 
  • Foil or Silver Paper and Scissors
  • Water
  • Hair Gel
  • Long Utensil to Stir

How To Make Your Minion Sensory Bottle

1. Fill the bottle 3/4 of the way with water and gave two good firm squeezes of hair gel into the water bottle.

2. Put in your package of yellow loom bands.

3. Stir everything up to mix the gel at the bottom of the bottle.

4. Fill up with a bit more water.

5. Cap tightly and seal with hot glue if necessary. We do not.

6. Add a strip of blue tape at the bottom of the bottle for pants.

7. Add a strip of black tape to top of bottle for goggle straps

8. Cut a circle of foil or silver paper a little bit bigger than your google eye.

9. Tape or glue googley eye to circle and tape or glue both to the black tape.

Minion Sensory Bottle Hair Gel Loom Bands Google Eye Tape

Minion Sensory Bottle Goggle Eye Black Tape Foil Paper

Sensory bottles provide a visual treat for kids! Engage the sense of sight with a sensory bottle!

Now you have a cool Minion sensory bottle to shake up and watch!

Minion Sensory Bottle Being Shaken

It’s pretty cool to check out the loom bands suspended in the water and hair gel mixture!

Minion Bottle Loom Bands Suspended in hair gel

Eventually the loom bands in your Minion sensory bottle will settle and no longer slowly move around. Some will settle to the top and some will settle to the bottom. It’s pretty neat.

Give your Minion sensory bottle a good shake and start all over again!

Minion Sensory Bottle Play

If you know a Minion Movie fan or a Despicable Me fan, then you will love this Minion sensory bottle!

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  1. Please tell me where I can find the Voss science bottles. I don’t shop on Amazon…I have looked at hobby lobby and have had no luck! Thank you in advance.

  2. This is such a great project. I made one for the kids at my work (although with some changes) I wish I could share a picture here, as it turned out so cute!

  3. Once you have peeled off the label which usually comes off fairly easily, you can use rubbing alcohol to remove sticky residue.

  4. Cool DIY idea. It’s really interesting. I have been trying some other DIY minions crafts as well. I have covered it in my blog which you can check.

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