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Winter Preschool Activities

we love winter week

Welcome to we love winter week day 2! We haven’t had much snow and haven’t done many winter themed activities yet, so I decided it was time to try some with Liam! And still no snow! Well, we can enjoy some pretend snow indoors anyway. Day 1 was all about wintery math sensory play with trucks. Easy, quick and inexpensive to throw together with so many possibilities! For Day 2, we explored the book The Mitten and played around with animals and mittens!

The Mitten Sensory Play

This year we have been enjoying reading The Mitten by Jane Brett together. It was not a favorite last year, so I am glad he was willing to give it another try this year. I thought I would make a sensory bin to go along with this book. We have enjoyed making sensory play bins for books in the past (Books & Bins Play Series) and I am updating our bins often. This was very simple to throw together and how fortunate I had a hand knitted mitten to use! I gathered whit pom poms for snow, extra cotton balls for more snow, the mitten, the book and our favorite Folkmanis puppets. Sadly, I didn’t have all the animals the book mentioned, but I had a few and a few extra for our sensory play! I had a fox, an owl, a mouse, a rabbit, a skunk, a beaver and a bear. We improvised! I also found a super stretchy mitten of mine too!

mitten sensory play set up


The Mitten Sensory Play Fine Motor Skills Work

Together, we opened the book and read along to find out which animal was going to make his home first. I love the illustrations and side pictures which are great for conversation and building language! Liam loves to read and look at books! This book sensory play actually created a nice fine motor skills challenge too. Trying to stuff all the animals into the mitten was quite tough and provided good hand muscle work for Liam. Since it wasn’t presented as a task but rather as a fun activity to play with, he spent much longer working the animals into my stretchy mitten. His tiny knitted mitten would only hold one animal. His favorite part was the great sneeze, and then he would start all over again stuffing the animals in a different order.

mitten book sensory fine motor play

All the while we talked about the animals, weather, and words from the book! This book sensory play proved much more interesting and challenging than I had originally thought. What a happy discovery for a winter day!


I hope you enjoyed day 2 of we love winter learning through The Mitten sensory play!

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we love winter week


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