Halloween Fine Motor Activity

Monster Eyes And Tweezers

halloween Play Dough Monster Eyes Fine Motor Activity

Play Dough And Fine Motor skills

Strengthening little hands while having loads of fun is my number one goal here. We use everyday tools to work on skills and find simple ways to play and laugh too! Play dough is awesome for hand and finger strengthening. There are so many easy ways to practice fine motor skills with play dough. Check out this super simple Halloween fine motor skills play dough activity with goggly eyes!

What you need:

  • googly eyes (smaller=harder, bigger=easier), baking pan (dollar store)
  • tweezers
  • play dough (fresh or store bought, whatever you have)
  • a bottle with small opening

I used the green play dough from our Making Monsters Play Dough Post (here).

monster eye tweezing

Quick set up: Push the play dough into the pan. Have your child help if you like! Next push the eyes in everywhere. Bury them, stick em in half way, flat, however you like. Also good fine motor skills work for your child!

monster eye tweezer finding and putting in bottle

How to play: Take you tweezers and model the first one if your child is unsure how to hold them. Have them deposit each eye into the bottle without dropping it! When you are done, feel free to play around with the eyes and dough. Bring out play dough tools and other things to create a nice bit of free play!

monster eyes free play

Additional Activity: Roll 5-10 balls out of the play dough. Call out a number and have your child put that many eyes on the monster. When you are done put them in numerical order!

monster eyes counting cover

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  1. Such a fine fine motor skills activity! I never thought to put out tweezers with play dough, but they are perfect for plucking googly eyes. (And so Halloween-y too!)

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