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monster truck sensory play

Monster Truck Sensory Play Mania

When Liam got off the bus yesterday, I had fully intended to put together a Christmas themed sensory bin for him. However, he had his own ideas! Following his lead, I helped him create this small world monster truck sensory bin. I believe in the importance of following the child’s lead especially when he has a difficult time with play. It’s really enticing to go for all of these great Holiday themed ideas, but in the end your child has to be interested in doing it!. He was very excited about this so my red and green scented rice can wait for another day! Please join us today and share your ideas for sensory or hands-on play in the linky at the bottom of the page. Visit Erin at Royal Baloo too!

Basic Monster Truck Play Set Up

Because this was a last-minute set up, I used what I had on hand. This set up cost nothing more than the time it took to look around the house. It continually evolved as we thought of new ideas. I played and helped more than I photographed! Anyone can make a sensory play world like this from what you already have. Just take a look and see what you could switch out for something else you might have around the house.

monster truck basic set up

Materials Used

I started with a fill of brown aquarium rock but you could also choose gravel, beans or whatever is on hand. I added some spare pvc pipes and these slim, flat pieces of craft wood to make ramps (cardboard would work too!).  Large rocks were thrown in and then I thought about adding play dough for mud. The play dough also helped keep things from sliding around. I sent Liam around the house gathering people, trees, pine cones and his trucks (several were dollar store finds)! I added a blue felt (construction paper too!) pond with glass gems (dollar store) for the trucks to jump over. I had originally created another jumping obstacle with rocks but I remembered how the real monster trucks jumped over old cars at the fair. We added a handful of matchbox cars to jump over instead of rocks. This monster truck sensory bin just need a start and a finish. A few popsicle sticks, glue stick and hand written banners made easy flags. I stuck them in play dough.

monster truck sensory play elements


Handwritten banner, matchbox cars obstacle jump, and pond with mud and spectators.                                                       Liam really like the mud idea and the tracks the trucks made in it!

monster truck sensory play start and finish

monster truck sensory play 1

monster truck sensory play 2

Each monster truck had its own time on the track, racing for time and then lining up at the finish line. He made sure to give each a turn at racing first! The littlest truck was sneaky and went through the pipes. It was a lot of fun to create the monster truck sensory bin together and think of all the different things we could add to it. I enjoy making fun play from what we already have. As you can  see, this can be made at a moment’s notice and can fill an afternoon with creative small world sensory play!

Do you have a favorite small world play bin?

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