Yes, we are all about TMNT over here these days! Do you have a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles fan? It’s not hard to find one. I have wanted to come up with a few fun activities to go with this new obsession. First we made Ninja Turtle Sewer Slime which was a hit. Here is our newest activity, Ninja Turtle finger puppets!

Make an Easy Ninja Turtle Puppet Activity for Kids!

Ninja Turtle Finger Puppets Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Craft

These Ninja Turtle finger puppets are super easy and fun to whip up in no time with simple materials! I saw this great idea over at Lalymom with her Itsy Bitsy Spider puppets!

Ninja Turtle Finger Puppet Supplies and Directions

  • card stock, scrapbook paper, or poster board {even a paper plate painted green!} in green, yellow, red, orange, blue and purple.
  • glue, pencil, scissors, black marker
  • bowl for tracing
  • hole punch
  • google eyes {optional}
  • hole punch: 1/2-3/4 inch diameter

To get a more classic turtle face shape for our Ninja Turtle finger puppets, I traced a small bowl on a piece of green paper. I added a bump on each side to make those recognizable turtle cheeks. I think a simple circle face would be fine as well! For the eye bandanna, I simply cut a strip of colored paper and glued it on. Turn the face over and cut off the excess. No measuring for perfect coverage where ever you want it! Glue on eyes or draw them in with a marker. Punch holes for your kid’s fingers at the bottom. I like three holes the best. If you don’t have this kind of larger hole punch, you can draw in small circles and cut them out. Your Ninja Turtle finger puppets are almost complete!

Ninja Turtle Finger Puppet Craft Activity Set Up Ninja Turtle Craft

When I punch the holes through, I like to turn this style of punch upside down so I can see where the hole will really end up! As you can see in the above collage, the turtle on the right bottom has two holes a bit too close together. I drew in the mouth last to make sure I had plenty of room. Give your Ninja Turtle finger puppets any expression you want!

Ninja Turtle Finger Puppet Craft Finished

Here’s our finished Ninja Turtle finger puppets ready to spring into action! Plus my son has on his Iron Man costume to complete the afternoon play. ┬áStart to finish these Ninja Turtle finger puppets took very little time. Once you have one done, you can whip through all four!

Ninja Turtle Finger Puppet Play Easy Ninja Turtle Craft

Great for a play date activity or Ninja Turtle themed party, our Ninja Turtle finger puppets are classic fun. A cool craft idea for those who aren’t into crafts all that much but love Ninja Turtles!

Which Ninja Turtle is your favorite! My son loves Leonardo {blue bandanna}!

Be sure to check out our Ninja Turtle Sewer Slime too {click here or photo for details}

Ninja Turtles Slime Recipe Sewer Slime Sensory Play

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