We enjoyed many activities this past week to celebrate and learn about the 4th of July. These were all pretty quick and easy to prepare, interesting and engaging and simple. They really kept my son’s attention and allowed for lots of conversation!

4th july baking soda

Baking Soda Science Sensory Play (post here)

We had a blast with this one. Liam always enjoys a good chemical reaction

4th july sensory bin

No holiday is complete without a themed sensory bin! (post here)

Liam loves colored rice and he loves constructing the bin himself!

fireworks bottle

Fireworks in a bottle! Really quick and simple! (post here)

This was a very cool project. We all enjoy shaking it!

pom pom fireworks

Paint fireworks with pom poms and of course glitter! (post here)

Liam really liked this one and asked to make two! Very simple and quick!

glitter fireworks


Glitter and glue fireworks! (post here)

Liam enjoys squeezing glue and dumping glitter. Enough said!

united states map flag


The United States Of America and our flag! 50 states and 50 flags!

We rolled play dough balls, named the states and stuck in a flag.                                 Please check the main page for this post!

These are a few of the fun ways we learned about and celebrated our great Country’s history this past week. Liam learned a bit of new information and found it really cool that the 4th of July is a birthday celebration. He loves birthdays! I am looking forward to teaching more each year as he gets older.  

Happy 4th of July to all our friends, fans and followers! I love your comments!