Fine Motor Skills & Pennies

Sup Simple Rice Sensory Bin

pinching pennies Simple Counting Pennies Set Up

A rainy afternoon needed a quick and simple activity so I decided to empty a roll of pennies into our rice sensory bin. I added a cool, old glass bear bank with a twist top and slot for some fine motor practice while he hunted for pennies. He was excited to feed the bear and fill his tummy as he said yum yum over and over! He was actually doing so well, that I emptied another role of pennies into the bin!

Counting Pennies Practice Too

Afterwards, we took the bear bank over to the table to count them together and practice our one to one counting skills. Originally, I though 50 was a great base number to practice counting too and I was curious how he would stick to it with the extra 50 pennies added at the last-minute. Well, we counted to 100 together! He followed my lead when it came to saying new numbers like 30, 40, 50, 60 and so on but he stayed interested and we even put them back in one at a time for a repeat of fine motor pinching work.

So you could say we really pinched our pennies today!

Need some more simple rice sensory bin ideas to make with what you have around the house? Here’s my DIY Super Simple Rice Sensory Bins!

9113 rice roundup

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  1. Yes, they do! I was pretty surprised and also excited by all the skills we worked on without presenting them as such!

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