Pool noodles make easy early learning tools for young kids. Pool noodle letters are quick to make and great for alphabet learning all year long. This time of year, pool noodles are everywhere so why not use them for learning too. I have enjoyed using pool noodles for various things already like marble runs, sculptures, and structures! This summer make some pool noodle letters to keep learning fun and playful all season long. Make sure to check out our big list of preschool activities

Pool Noodle Letters and Alphabet Learning Activity for Kids

Pool Noodle Letter Learning Activity for kids toddler and preschool alphabet ideas with pool noodles

Making pool noodle letters are so quick and easy to make. We use a serrated knife to slice off sections of pool noodles to fit our projects. Please have an adult do the cutting with a knife! For our pool noodle letters, we used these chunks to make blocks.

For our scissor skills tray, we used these slices. For our pool noodle structures, we used medium slices. To make our pool noodle marble run, we sliced the pool noodle the long way to creating a ramp! The pool noodle and shaving cream play used all sizes and pieces.

Make sure to grab one of each color pool noodle at the store for variety!

how to cut pool noodle pieces with knife

How can you use your pool noodle letters?

There are many fun ways to use pool noodle letters for play and early learning! I used a permanent marker to write a letter on each one. Add in numbers too! Write sight words for an older child or even math problems!

This activity can be crafted for several ages at once. Everyone can play and learn together with a handful of inexpensive pool noodles.

5 ways to play with pool noodle letters! Make up your own twist too!

  • Stack them and practice letter recognition!
  • Thread them on a string or clothesline {as seen below} in alphabetical order. This also works on fine motor skills.
  • Make patterns and practice letter recognition out of order.
  • Place them around the house or outside as a scavenger hunt and put them in order.
  • Add then to a water sensory bin and give your kids a set of kitchen tongs to grab a letter you call out. Kids can play this together.

Pool Noodle Letter Activity Stacking Patterning Threading Pool Noodle Alphabet Letters for preschool




Pool noodle letters for early learning make an easy play for plenty of fun!

What have you made with your pool noodles this Summer?

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