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Preschool Nature Walk 

nature walk

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One of my big goals for the summer is to introduce our love for the quiet outdoors to our son. His mind is always racing, heart pounding and bouncing off walls. He wants to go to large playgrounds with lots of action and noise. Which is great, but I want him to be able to take the time to appreciate the beauty in quiet areas around him as well. I have always wanted to show my child what I love to do, what daddy loves to do but this little guy is a bit harder to share our passions with then we had hoped. However, here’s a wonderful little morning trip we took to a nature trail around a pond. For once, I did not have an itinerary, a plan or a lesson. Whatever he discovered and however he found to enjoy it was the lesson itself! I think with a little luck, the promise of a picnic and maybe some binoculars, we will be back!


Plenty of running.


Pond gazing and turtle watching. He liked how his voice echoed a bit.


Feeling the bark, fungus and moss everywhere.


A quiet pair that were not all bothered by us!


More than enough rocks to collect.


Soft ferns to discover.


A dead tree which started a nice little lesson….


to learn about trees and how they grow….baby tree


and a really big tree!


I will lead if you will follow. Just take me by the hand.

Nature is an awesome and inspiring sensory experience!


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Wordless Wednesday on Only Passionate Curiosity


  1. I love taking a walk when we have time to explore. It’s annoying for both of us to have to keep saying, “Hurry up.” A nature walk sounds perfect right about now! 🙂

  2. Yes we have to make it the only thing we do. I left out the picture with the bag of bagels we got first!

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