Preschool Tree Decorating

Fine Motor Activity Tray

Decorating Tree Fine Motor Activity


Hands On Fine Motor Fun!

Who would have thought decorating a tree would have such great practice opportunities for working on fine motor skills? We did!

Fine motor skills are in everything we do. So much so that we take then for granted. You don’t need special store-bought toys to work on fine motor skills! Just look around. Since we began this journey at home, learning and exploring together, I have looked at every item in our house in a different way. When I opened up last years Christmas extras storage box, I found a bag full of ornament hangers! There you have it! Inspiration for a Christmas themed fine motor activity with natural applications was at my fingertips (heehee)! I took out my handy serving tray (party store awesome purchase) and filled it with mini ornaments. I had recently purchased a few inexpensive packages at the craft store, but I also had lots of ornaments from my childhood too. You could certainly make your own. Here’s the simple set up using the tray. I was lucky that the tree fit perfectly in the middle. When he came down in the morning, I had the tree lit and ready for this invitation to decorate!

Set Up for Tree Decorating

Serving trays make great holders for small items and also help structure the activity for kiddos who need more structure and direction. This still allows for plenty of creativity, but he understands there is an end to the activity at some point!

decorating tree set up

Fine Motor Skills Play

Simple threading the tiny ornaments with wire hangers is precise work. Each ornament had a tiny loop on top to put the wire hanger through. Plus these are very small ornaments too! He had to try a couple of times with a few of them! So much fine motor work here and clean fingernails too! Much better than some of my fine motor skills pictures I have taken in the past!

decorating tree showing off fine motor skills

Fine Motor Finishing Touch : Star

Every tree needs a star. After he was going to fast and pushing the star on to hard. The poor branch kept folding over. I guided him to hold it gently and use his other hand to steady the branch! 

decorating tree with star

By the Light of the Tree

Enjoying the fruits of his fine motor skills labor! Tree decorating is a fun activity and a learning skills activity in one. Plus we now have a sweet little tree for his bedroom. He loves to go up and look at it!

decorating tree by glow of lights

How do you turn the everyday into a chance to learn skills

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holiday fine motor round up cover


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